"Nowhere Girl"
Gravitas Ventures "Nowhere Girl"

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"Nowhere Girl"

Tweetable Logline:

A broken-hearted guy meets a girl who turns his life around – he'd be crazy not to fall in love with her.

Elevator Pitch:

Nowhere Girl is a funny and heartfelt film about how falling in love can be exhilarating but also a bit crazy. After Tyler meets Katy he finally starts to shake off the lingering effects of a bad break-up and she inspires him to do more and be more in life.

At first his friends think this is a wonderful change, but cracks in this new relationship start to show and some of his friends begin thinking it’s unhealthy. But just what is “unhealthy” when it comes to a relationship and just who gets to decide these things?

Production Team:

Director - Jed Rigney ("Fools on the Hill")
Producers - Justin Workman, Chrystina Myers, Steffanie Siebrand
Exec Producers - Jerrol Lebaron, Adam Beason
Cinematographer - Justin Chin

About the Production:

"I've always been drawn to films about bad break-ups because I've had some real butt-kickers myself. (Write what you know!) And I think the fall-out from these break-ups is fascinating - not just on the "dumpees" but on their friends and family. And the effects even continue on to their next relationships.

"The challenge became how do I tell this story in a funny and genuine way with all of these characters and locations and scenes with just two weeks of filming available. The answer to that was putting together an experienced and talented team. And we got it done." -- Jed Rigney

Current Status:


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