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Tweetable Logline:

A character-driven drama with a sci-fi twist. In a post-apocalyptic world, who is good, who is bad, and is anyone truly at home?

Elevator Pitch:

HOME is a contained drama with science fiction elements that takes place in a post-apocalyptic, rural setting. A teenage boy cares for his younger brother in an isolated farmhouse as they await their father's return. When a teenage girl who has survived an unseen attack takes shelter with them, their instinct for self-preservation conflicts with an interest in this new visitor. Soon, sinister revelations emerge as to the cause of the apocalypse and the boys' true identities.

This high-concept short explores belonging and distrust in an uncertain environment, subverting what people expect from sci-fi by emphasizing story, suspense, and subtlety.

Production Team:

Writer-Director: John Henry Hinkel
Producers: Jonathan Bird (THE GIRL IS IN TROUBLE), Zoë Morrison, Amit Samuel
Director of Photography: Ketil Dietrichson (LADY GAGA "Pokerface," DAFT PUNK "Derezzed")
Editor: Rachel Eisengart (CAPTURE)

About the Production:

"When John Henry Hinkel sat down to write HOME, the recent Harvard graduate set out to create a science fiction film far removed from the hokey visual effects, overplayed gore, and predictable stories and characters that often plague the genre. Instead, he wanted to create an aesthetically beautiful, nuanced, and character-driven film, while also incorporating subtle but visceral visual effects that enhance rather than degrade its artistic value.

"HOME's twist ending, morally ambiguous characters, and unique, restrained take on a much-loved genre will spark discussion while spotlighting great new talent in a festival run." -- Zoë Morrison

Current Status:


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Indiegogo Page

HOME - Campaign Video (Updated) from John Henry Hinkel on Vimeo.

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