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"The Rhythm Project"

Tweetable Logline:

The Rhythm Project is a series of short films that unpack the relationship between rhythm and race.

Elevator Pitch:

The Rhythm Project is a process-oriented documentary experience that explores the relationship between rhythm and race as it exists for a diverse group of NYC and LA-based tap dancers. Using interviews and live class/rehearsal footage, I will be producing a series of 8 mini-documentaries, each featuring one dancer and his or her own unique set of ideas on this topic. These short films will provide the footage and material necessary for composing a full-length documentary exploring these ideas plus provide valuable research for use in my dissertation exploring the relationship between minstrelsy, tap, and representation in American performances of stage/screen.

Production Team:

Brynn Shiovitz-Director/Producer/Writer

Martin Urbach-Musician
Derick K. Grant-Lead Choreographer, Phase One

About the Production:

"While very few people have specifically addressed the question of whether or not there is a relationship between rhythm and race, American entertainment for the past two centuries seems to necessarily equate "blackness" with rhythm, and "whiteness" with a lack of rhythm. Yet we all know universal claims such as these serve no one. The Rhythm Project makes no assumptions and seeks to understand rhythm as a concept, choreographic tool, and way of life. Whether or not there is a racial or cultural component will be left to the practitioners themselves. I invite you to share in this rhythmic expedition." -- Brynn Shiovitz

Current Status:

The first episode is online, fundraising happening now for future episodes.

For more information and to support this project:

Film Website
Kickstarter Project

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