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"Mythos," Season 2 Pilot

Tweetable Logline:

After turning her back on the Allfather, Morgan, once known as the goddess Athena, has to fight one last time to save the earth she loves.

Elevator Pitch:

Mythos is about the mythological gods living anonymously in the modern day. They're an older race of humans with an elongated life span, and these legends we've read for thousands of years are exaggerations of who they really were. Some of them are still alive and do their best to help humanity -- as in the Atlantis and flood myths, for example. But their hierarchy has become kind of twisted, so it falls to Athena, this virginal warrior who always tries to do the right thing, to kind of right the course of humanity before it's too late.

Production Team:

Miriam Pultro - director, writer, executive producer, editor, actress
Richard Cline - director of photography
Gary-Kayi Fletcher - associate producer, actor
Tyler Herwick - associate producer, actor
Jessica Mazo - associate producer
Tom O'Brien - associate producer
Brad Althouse - composer
Chloe Barcelou - costume designer

About the Production:

"I'm fascinated by mythology and by the character of Athena, specifically. After reading enough, you realize the similarities in worldwide mythologies have to have some kind of historical link, so "Mythos" became my way to invent a story about it. Where did these legends come from? How did these ancient being impact humanity? What would their lives be like today? It's a character drama with thousands-of-years-old characters and apocalyptic stakes." -- Miriam Pultro

Current Status:


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