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Tweetable Logline: 15 year old Krystal is faced with a difficult decision when someone shares a video of her that she has no memory of. 

Elevator Pitch: What is it like to be that boy or that girl in the video? SHARE is a window into the side of viral videos that you don't see online. The film reveals the story behind a harrowing video leak and explores one girl's private experience of public humiliation. As we watch Krystal's decisions in the aftermath of the video, SHARE shows us what its like to relive a moment you have no memory of with a live virtual audience.

Production Team:

Pippa Bianco - Writer/ Director (writing credit on the in-development BLEED FOR THIS, produced by Bruce Cohen and Exec-produced by Martin Scorsese; Currently a writer-producer at Beyoncé Knowles-Carter's production company Parkwood Entertainment).

Tyler Byrne - Producer (most recent credit: BLUE RUIN - Cannes '13, Toronto '13, Sundance '14 distributed by Radius/ TWC)

Carly Hugo - Producer (most recent credits: MOTHER OF GEORGE - Sundance '13; BACHELORETTE - Sundance '12; HIGHER GROUND - Sundance '11; HOT COFFEE - Sundance '11, Beyoncés "Self-Titled" album documentary directed by Zach Heinzerling and currently in production on HBO's Nora Ephron Documentary EVERYTHING IS COPY)

About the Production: In some ways, this is a story we all know. The recent "revenge porn" legislation and the rising tide of violence at high schools all over the country made me wonder why, when we have so much access to the stories and these people's lives, do we rarely see it from their perspective? I wanted to explore the experience and the full humanity of the boys or girls in these videos, and of the people who make them.