Stinking Heaven

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"Stinking Heaven"

Tweetable Logline: A black as tar comedy following a commune of recovering drug addicts in 1990 suburban New York.

Elevator Pitch: Married couple, Jim (30) and Lucy (22), run a commune for recovering drug addicts. In the spring of 1990, there are seven motley members in the house ranging in age from 17 to 50. They spend their days preparing ritualistic meals, doing housework, playing games and bathing together. With the arrival of Ann (20), recovering addict and ex-girlfriend of one of the members, the harmony of the house is thrown out of whack. Members flee, relapse, and start to question the very foundations of the commune as Jim and Lucy struggle to maintain their power.

Production Team:

Starring: Deragh Campbell (I USED TO BE DARKER)
Hannah Gross (I USED TO BE DARKER)

Director: Nathan Silver (SOFT IN THE HEAD, EXIT ELENA)

Cinematographer: Sean Price Williams (LISTEN UP PHILIP, THE COLOR WHEEL)

Producers: Rachel Wolther (SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY)
Richard Peete (BLUE RUIN)
Blake Ashman-Kipervaser (STARLET)

About the Production: Recently, I've been thinking quite a bit about the early 90ʼs. I’ve been re-watching documentaries and TV shows from back then, and thereʼs definitely something gruesome about that part of that seems like the world was about to have a nervous breakdown.

Like on EXIT ELENA and SOFT IN THE HEAD, the actors and I are developing the characters; the cinematographer will improvise along with the actors. Filmmaking is the one place where you can capture accidents and unexpected behavior in real time. I want to exploit what is inherent to filmmaking and take full advantage of chance.

Current Status: Pre-Production: Rehearsing with cast and fundraising for summer shoot

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