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"Automatic Fitness"

Tweetable Logline: 

To be or haven’t time to be? A labyrinth poetry on the human automatism. A parody of this already aged so called modern way of life

Elevator Pitch:

let's have fun! [That's what i]t's all about!

Production Team:

Idea & Direction: Alejandra Tomei, Alberto Couceiro

Animation: Alberto Couceiro

Puppets design & Compositing: Alejandra Tomei

Music: Boris Jöns, Ole Wulfers

Edit: Dietmar Kraus

Sound Design: Almut Schwacke

Sound Mix: Christian Conrad

Set & Puppets helpers: Lucia Solana, Irene Izquierdo, Alicia Guirao del Fresno, Ana Bellido, Maria Rosa, Julia Geiß, Gui Fadigas, Jessica Dürwald, Maddalena Oppici, Pilar Contreras, Daniel Lazenby, Karim Dabbèche

3D for Web: David Talloy Thomas

Production Assistant Crowdfunding: Sabine Wolf

Making of: Maren Henke

Production: Animas-Film

About the Production:

"As we got the children, time disappears. I saw myself like living in a maschine that put me in the differents obigations and satisfied every needs. Everything that’s natural i.e. the growth of plants, the sprout of love or anger are technically defined and retrieved through complex processes. But I wasn't choosing all I wanted rested apart. I turned in a slave of my own life. This tranported to all the people motivated my story...the though was we are all the same (cloning), the vegetable becomes all the same (GMO). We're all a part of this industrial process call society." -- Alejandra Tomei

Current Status:


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