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"A Total Disruption"

Tweetable Logline:

A portal that chronicles the most compelling stories of the tech world to help everyone get smarter, faster, together.

Elevator Pitch:

During the past two years, Two-time Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner Ondi Timoner has filmed over 300 compelling tech innovators and startups in an effort to humanize the often inaccessible and intimidating world of the tech industry in powerful and engaging story telling. By, for, and about the tech world, atotaldisruption.com is also an archive for the innovators themselves to share their visions and to learn from one another. She is now launching a Kickstarter campaign so that she can continue to tell these aspirational and vital stories of the invisible superheros who are creating the world we live in.

Production Team:

Director/Producer: Ondi Timoner
Producer: Julia Grimm
Producer: James Reid
Editor: Brouk Peters
Graphic Designer: Sam Davidson
Production Coordinator: Emma LaBelle

About the Production:

"My 2009 film We Live in Public warned of what was to come when we trade our privacy and freedom for online recognition- but in distributing the film independently, we witnessed the massive impact that social media had on the film reaching its audience. I began to realize that the greatest tech-tonic shift in our history was happening.  I wanted to document it, and share the visions of the invisible superheroes who are designing the world we live in - so that anyone, anywhere can fulfill their vision, can do whatever they love to do faster, better, and more efficiently." -- Ondi Timoner

Current Status:

50 episodes in the bag, looking to fund more.

For more information and to support this projprect:

Kickstarter Page
Project Website

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