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"The Deal"

Tweetable Logline:

The Deal is a supernatural thriller- Over the course of one night friends become enemies as their dreams are twisted into living nightmares.

Elevator Pitch:

James was the biggest nerd from your school, but he's changed - he's become supernaturally powerful by pervertedly granting people's deepest desire in exchange for their friendship. The one hold out is Bryce, who doesn't really know what James is doing but instinctively doesn't like him.

When Bryce and his girlfriend Monica arrive at a little reunion party thrown by James, he sees why: Hector who couldn't throw is now a professional athlete, ugly Becca is now incredibly gorgeous, and strangest of all - Monica, who desperately wanted to leave town, has suddenly disappeared.

But who's really at fault?

Production Team:

Daniel Kaminsky - Director / Writer / Producer (MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING - Co-Producer/Editor)
Michael Klein - Producer (ROMEO IS BLEEDING - Producer)
Brett Young-Fountain - Co-Producer (THE ADVENTURES OF TIME SLOT - Producer)
David Lassiter - Associate Producer (THE OPPORTUNIST - Writer/Director)
Adam Bricker -Cinematographer (STARRY EYED, LUST FOR LOVE, JAKE SQUARED-Cinematographer)

About the Production:

"I've been working in the film industry for almost a decade now. It's been an amazing journey from lowly intern to being able to co-produce and edit a feature film. But one of those scripts I read as an intern almost a decade ago has stayed with me all these years. The story was so striking and bizarre that I couldn't get it out of my head. I was disappointed to learn it never got made, which is why I'm so excited to bring a version of that story to life. It's cool, dark and most of all fucked up." -- Daniel Kaminsky

Current Status:


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