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Celebrating 17 Years of Film.Biz.Fans.
by Max O'Connell
February 20, 2014 4:17 PM
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Project of the Day: 'The 5th Shadow'

Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite.

In the meantime: Is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments.

"The 5th Shadow"

Tweetable Logline: A dark and surreal psychological thriller about a husband who seeks revenge on his cheating wife, in a very peculiar way.

Elevator Pitch:The 5th Shadow follows Henry Blank; a lonely, middle aged, burnt out artist.

His wife has run off and the only thing left is a house filled with echoes of past happiness. Chased out of his mind by fear, Henry descends through his past, witnesses his own birth, and looks death in the eye. However it's a chance encounter with a beautiful jazz singer that will determine Henry's fate. 

She offers hope, but can she be trusted, or is she luring Henry deeper into chaos where nightmare and reality are no different? Or is she something else all together?

Production Team:

Writer/ Director Dave Sparx

Producer Paul Nunes
D.O.P. Gideon Jennings
Production Company aQuacow

About the Production: "The 5th Shadow" was born out of a passion to explore the darker recesses of the human mind in a way that would allow me to express, challenge and question preconceived notions of the human psyche when in extreme distress. Cinema is the perfect tool to examine the endless meanings of existence and truth through sound design, narrative disorientatoin and visual abstraction, so "The 5th Shadow" came to be.

Current Status: Post-production, fundraising through Kickstarter for the final stages of post-production.

For more information and to support this project: Kickstarter Page


  • Vern | February 22, 2014 5:43 AMReply

    Vote for fith shadow

  • Marta Bevilacqua | February 22, 2014 3:16 AMReply

    Very interesting film. Can't wait!

  • Sarah Whitaker | February 22, 2014 12:43 AMReply

    I love a thriller, bring it on!

  • Sarah Whitaker | February 22, 2014 12:42 AMReply

    I love a thriller, bring it on!

  • Sarah Whitaker | February 22, 2014 12:39 AMReply

    I love a thriller, bring it on!

  • Sarah Whitaker | February 22, 2014 12:39 AMReply

    I love a thriller, bring it on!

  • Julia | February 21, 2014 6:41 PMReply

    The 5th Shadow is the movie I vote for. It is going to be a very interesting film.

  • Ben Lipman | February 21, 2014 8:26 AMReply

    Looks stunning. Glad to see an Australian filmmaker tackle the big themes. Lynch meets Greenway meets Argento (With a touch of Coen?). Really hope this meets it's goal!

  • Jo Mispel | February 21, 2014 7:12 AMReply

    This looks and sounds like it is going to be a very engaging stunning film. Really looking forward to it!

  • Cath Farlow | February 21, 2014 3:31 AMReply

    Intriguing story, beautiful photography, great acting. I'd definitely like to see the finished film!

  • Terry Ayres | February 21, 2014 2:54 AMReply

    The 5th Shadow is a Movie I would like to see. I am intrigued by the trailer and having read the profiles of the cast, and the compelling story line of Henry Blank, I would I like to view the completed work. The description of the movie, by David Sparx, the amount of effort to date and the scenes which seem to depict incredible acting talent certainly excites my interest to see the completed film. Terry Ayres

  • Maurizio | February 21, 2014 12:39 AMReply

    Can't wait till this comes out, it looks great