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Tweetable Logline:
When life gets hard, there's nothing like a wo(e)mance.
Elevator Pitch:
The actress and the sexpert. There’s childhood…there are the teenage years…there’s even young adulthood. But what happens in the great beyond (tertiary life)? When two 30-something old ‘besties’ reunite in rural Indiana, their planned weekend of adventure takes a sudden turn. The road trip they embark on (in circles) ends up being a harrowing journey to themselves. Via despair, humor, unsolicited wisdom (watch out for those wise ladies), an unlikely farmer, and a blushing boy-ingénu. Have a cup of tea, and get in the car!
Production Team:

Writer & Director: Brigitta Wagner ("Bau/Rückbau," "We're No Actresses")
Cinematographer: Andreas Wagner ("Future States: Seed," "Julieta y Ramon")
Producer: Bianca Escobar ("Mirror," "Father," "Mirror in Ghost World")
Executive Producer: Andrew Krucoff ("Sun Don't Shine")
Cast: Josephine Decker ("Art History," "Uncle Kent," "Richard's Wedding," "Bi the Way"), Kate Chamuris (, Ken Farrell, John Machesky
Editor: Matthew C. Hart ("Frances Ha")
Sound: Eric Day (Sleepwalk Recording)

About the Production:

"This highly collaborative project grows out of my interest in what happens to people in familiar and unfamiliar environments, especially when they reconnect after many years. ROSEHILL is a film about vulnerability and strength, honesty and deception, and the deep bond between two women at crossroads in their lives. Drawing on the dual strengths of our team--our shared roots in documentary production and our love of intelligent, subtle improvisation--ROSEHILL will have an elastic, dynamic relationship between camera and subjects. You haven't seen friendship until you've seen it in the hands of Josephine Decker and Kate Chamuris!" -- Brigitta Wagner

Current Status:

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