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by Indiewire
April 15, 2014 11:22 AM
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Project of the Day: 'The Big Spoon'

Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite.

In the meantime: Is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments.

"The Big Spoon"

Tweetable Logline: An Unromantic Comedy about the Perils of Staying Together when You Should Really be Apart.

Elevator Pitch: Have you ever been in a relationship where you're comfortable, and nothing's WRONG, per se, but you wake up one day and think, "what the fuck am I doing with this person who I know I don't want to be with forever?" but then drag ass getting out of it because, maybe it's better than being alone after all? The Big Spoon is a modern (un)romantic comedy about that; think classic Woody Allen sensibilities mixed with Broad City-esque shenanigans and you've got our movie.

Production Team:

Stars: Agustin Silva, Alex Karpovsky ("Girls") 

Carlyn Hudson (Director/co-writer)
Carlyn came to directing by way of acting at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, and finished her undergraduate film degree at UT Austin. Since then she's directed short films that have premiered at SXSW, Austin Film Festival, LA Comedy Shorts, and more. She was a segment director of the feature SLACKER: 20 YEARS LATER, co- produced Andrew Bujalski’s COMPUTER CHESS (Sundance2013) and field produced the Linklater-directed UP TO SPEED for Hulu. THE BIG SPOON marks her debut as a feature film director.

Amy Hobby and Anne Hubbel; Tangerine Entertainment (Producers)
Amy and Anne founded Tangerine Entertainment in January 2013 as a groundbreaking production company and community builder for films by women directors.

Melissa Dalley (Producer)
Melissa is an Assistant Director, Production Manager and Producer in the Austin indie film scene. After graduating from NYU she worked as an artist before moving to Austin in 2005. She has been the 1st Assistant Director on several feature films including the Sundance 2013 selection HOUSTON. Recently Melissa produced the improv thriller LOVES HER GUN, which won the Special Jury Prize "Louis Black/Lonestar Award," at SXSW 2013.

About the Production: When I went to acting school I was consistently cast as someone's wife, a prostitute, a girlfriend if I was lucky; I came to realize that those were the parts available for women. Since transitioning to behind the camera my main goal has been to create better roles for women. This film is about two very complicated and funny ladies just trying to figure their shit out. It's relatable, it's relevant, and hopefully one little step closer to bridging the gender gap in film and television.

Current Status: We've been in development with Tangerine since August '13, have some funds raised and are raising more via Kickstarter before starting production this year.

For more information and to support this project: Kickstarter Page

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  • Brianna | April 24, 2014 1:29 PMReply

    The Big Zzzzzzz... I'll just watch Girls, thank you

  • Tom Copeland | April 23, 2014 11:13 AMReply

    Spoon feed me!

  • Lisa Bagby | April 23, 2014 9:45 AMReply

    The Big Spoon! I want to see!

  • Suzy Jones | April 22, 2014 7:37 PMReply

    The Big Spoon!

  • Shelley | April 22, 2014 5:43 PMReply

    The Big Spoon!

  • Blake Boyd | April 22, 2014 4:52 PMReply

    Great concept. I would pay to see this movie!

  • Norma | April 22, 2014 4:33 PMReply

    The Big Spoon!

  • Ana Michel | April 22, 2014 4:24 PMReply


  • David | April 22, 2014 4:01 PMReply

    Great job. !

  • Philippe | April 22, 2014 4:11 AMReply


  • Lisa Marie Contaldi | April 21, 2014 5:19 PMReply

    It's complicated! I think they hit the nail on the head by shedding light on boy/girl issues that are uncomfortable and often overlooked. Vince Vaughn does it all of the time! Bravo Girls!

  • JON | April 21, 2014 5:15 PMReply

    The short clip hooked me. I would definitely buy a ticket. Good going ladies!

  • teresa green | April 21, 2014 4:50 PMReply

    yes anything about relationships and romance.. ofcourse.. a yes for me

  • Faith Roberts | April 21, 2014 4:06 PMReply

    Wishing these gals great luck!

  • Daniel | April 19, 2014 4:44 PMReply

    None of these films have a shred of future success.

  • tse | April 19, 2014 1:46 PMReply

    YES. I just want women to get out there and make their effing movies.
    Go go go go go go go go.

  • Kirsten | April 15, 2014 3:51 PMReply

    This sounds like 1000 other lame indies made by directors with zero relevant life experience and nothing interesting to say.

  • Lauren | April 16, 2014 4:59 PM

    This doesn't sound like a "fanciful rom com" to me, but a relationship comedy/drama. We really don't "need" more of a lot of types of movies. However, if more people made "fanciful rom coms" like "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," then I think plenty of people would be fine with that.

  • Kirsten | April 15, 2014 6:47 PM

    Do we really need any more fanciful rom coms? Nope!!!

  • Lauren | April 15, 2014 4:28 PM

    What qualifies as "relevant life experience"? You don't have to go to Uganda or fight in a war to make a good movie.

  • Jenna | April 15, 2014 2:03 PMReply

    This trailer is awesome, looks like a GREAT movie to make. Lets help get women Directors, Writers and Producers some press!

  • Stephanie | April 15, 2014 11:33 AMReply

    Heck yes, I want to see this movie!