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Tweetable Logline: 

To Act, Or Not To Act. That is the question…

Elevator Pitch:

Act/or is a comedy about struggling actors on their difficult journey to sucess

One works at Madame Tussaud's as a scare artist, one stays at home waiting for "the big call", and one gets a call - not from Hollywood.. but to take the lead role in a Hungarian alternative play.

Filmed in London and Budapest, the story sheds light on the acting industry. The premise is to show how unpredictable and often hilarious the acting industry is. You can have all the talent in the world... but you need to be in a good place at a good time!

Production Team:

Director: Janka Berentz
Annamaria (Janka) Berentz has a passion for directing, producing, photography and theatre. She studied on a drama course in Budapest at Vörösmarty Mihály Gimnazium where she won several awards, Creativity award at The Odyssey of the Mind 2004 in Maryland, USA.
When she finished her A levels in Hungary, she continued her studies at New Theatre in Budapest as an actress. After two years of acting experience she decided to move to London where she performed as a musical actress at In Her Majesty's Theatre at West End. She continued her studies at University of Westminster at Contemporary Media Practice in London.During her university studies she had the opportunity to be the Assistant Producer on a feature film called Turbulence, directed by double BAFTA winner director Michael Baig Clifford.
She set up her first production company: Filmstrip Studios Ltd. in 2011. She has been working on feature films, short films, music videos, commercials and she is currently working as a photographer at a Hungarian event organizer company called 'Londonfalva' (London Village) in London. As for her graduation film, she made a 30 minute version of Act/or. This short film had a success at Regent Street Cinema, which encouraged her to make a feature length version with Kitty Meszaros co-directing.

Writer: Kitty Mészáros
Kitty Mészáros studied at the Hungarian National Theatre Studio in Budapest and worked and worked professionally as a lead actress on a well-known Hungarian series called "Jóban Rosszban" (For Better or Worse) between 2004-2008. After four years of acting experience she decided to move to abroad to continue her studies. First she moved to Ireland to learn English and in 2012 she moved to London where the collaboration between her and Annamaria (Janka) Berentz began.

Producers: Mando and Myrto Stathi
The twin sisters Mando and Myrto Stathi, have always been intrigued by Performing Arts.
During her studies, Myrto, has being involved in theatre productions in Greece. Her six-year-long occupation in the field of theatre has given her the chance to work in all aspects of a theatrical production, from managing the production to directing, acting, writing or adapting the original script.
Mando, on the other hand, realised her passion for films and decided to follow it professionally. She finished her Masters in Media in London. Since then she has been involved as Producer, Production Manager or Associate Producer on Feature Films, Short Films, TV Series, Music Videos, Commercials and Documentaries. She gained familiarity with every step of production.

About the Production:

"We wanted to create a film for everyone. For every single person that do not give up their dreams, no matter how difficult that is..

"For the director and the writer (Janka and KItty) the subject matter was something, which they both could relate to. Familiar with the "Acting World" they chose to express themselves throughout this particular medium. The script of Act/or has a natural and realistic tone and style, which attracted and convinced the actors to participate in the film for a deferred payment." -- Mando Stathi

Current Status:


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