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"Tough Love"

Tweetable Logline:

TOUGH LOVE is a documentary film that explores the lives, homes and cases of families caught in the child welfare system.

Elevator Pitch:

There are 380,000 children in the child welfare system today. Many of these children have parents who deeply love and want them returned home. Tough Love is a documentary that follows a single, Caucasian father in Seattle and a Bangladeshi-American mother in New York who have had their child taken away by the state and want a second chance to be a parent. By following these parents and families at home, on their visits, at work and in the courts, audiences will get a new understanding of how hard it is for these families to stay together.

Production Team:

Director/Producer: Stephanie Wang-Breal, Director/Producer of "Wo Ai Ni Mommy"
Producer/ Digital Media Guru: Carrie Weprin
Consulting Producer: Kristi Jacobson, Director/Producer of "A Place at the Table", "Toots".
Cinematographer: Nadia Hallgren, Cinematographer on "Searching for Sugarman", "Trouble the Water", "Citizen Koch", "The New Black", "Fahrenheight 911".
Editor: Colin Nusbaum. Cinematographer/Editor "The Sheikh and I".

About the Production:

"During screenings of my last film, 'Wo Ai Ni Mommy,' audience members urged me to look into our nation's foster care system. Once I dug deeper, I was surprised to learn that there were over 380,000 kids in foster care and that reunification was the primary permanency plan for a majority of these cases. I never knew so many parents wanted to get their kids home. This was a story and perspective that has never been told because, as most child welfare stakeholders know, the general public has very little empathy for these parents." -- Stephanie Wang-Breal

Current Status:


For more information and to support this project:

Film Website
Kickstarter Page (note, this campaign has ended)

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