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"The Other Brother"

Tweetable Logline:

Two brothers, estranged since 1948, share an exceptional bond. One is an art-world insider, and one lived alone in a world of art.

Elevator Pitch:

This film is about the ‘genetics’ of art and sibling estrangement. Despite no contact between the brothers since the ages of 19 and 21, Jesse and Tom share the same passion; they both dedicated their life to making art. There are remarkable similarities; there are also clear differences. This story explores their very different lives and the visual thread that connects them. This story unfolds through first-person family interviews and readings of Jesse’s letters. Memories reconstruct. As if eavesdropping on fragments of a family discussion, the film compels viewers to keep listening for clues to satisfy their desire to understand.

Production Team:

Kristy Higby, director, editor, animator, cinematographer
Mark Flowers, executive producer
Geoff Weeks, original score
Paris Peet, voice recordings for Jesse's letters

About the Production:

"My films are, in the end, human-interest stories about people being true to their convictions.The younger brother, Tom Flowers, is my father-in-law. My husband and producer, Mark Flowers, is a painter, and Jesse was the uncle he never met. I can share with you that this experience has been cathartic and enlightening for all involved. My career as a visual artist, filmmaker, and art educator gives me a unique perspective on the creative drive and how it can affect and enrich a life. I have permission from and full access to this remarkable family." -- Kristy Higby

Current Status:

In production.

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