Medal of Victory

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"Medal of Victory"
Tweetable Logline:
A comedy about two AWOL soldiers who get mistaken for war heroes and become embroiled in a small town mayoral election.
Elevator Pitch:
Ever feel like slapping a politician in the face with a bloody steak? Our feature, Medal of Victory, is a comedy about two soldiers who go AWOL after accidentally sending nuclear fusion triggers to Malawi. On the run, they get mistaken for war heroes and become embroiled in the cutthroat politics of a small town.
Production Team:

Writer/Director/Editor: Joshua Moise
Producers: Will Blomker, Mason Hill, Jason Schumacher
Cinematographer: David Kruta

About the Production:
"We believe if we have offered a clarity of vision then those we team with can be able to run free to do what they do best. We strive to establish a working atmosphere in which we are constantly surprised by our collaborators and by ourselves. This is how great films are made and our joy transcends the process to bring joy to the audience. And that - to bring our audience joy - is why we do what we do and face the challenges we face. We couldn't be more excited about bring Medal of Victory to our audience." - Will Blomker
Current Status:
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