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"The Throwaways"

Tweetable Logline: 

The Throwaways is the story of homeless filmmaker and ex-felon, Ira McKinley, documenting his struggle to bring positive changes to his community.

Elevator Pitch:

The Throwaways is a timely and provocative first-person look at the devastating effects of mass incarceration, police brutality and poverty on black people in America. But it's more than a simple illumination of marginalized people at their weakest moments; this film is a call to action, a story of directly engaging in the fight for justice. The Throwaways lends an intimate perspective to the growing conversation about racism and the criminal justice system, and Ira's story of defiance and struggle is an empowering example of perseverance by any means necessary.

Production Team:

Bhawin Suchak: Director/Producer
Ira Mckinley: Co-Director/Co-Producer
Sam Pollard: Executive Producer
Bhawin Suchak: Cinematography/Editing
Adele Pham: Associate Producer/Additional Editing,
Messiah Rhodes: Associate Producer/Additional Cinematography

About the Production:

"I was drawn to this project by the subject who approached me with an idea to tell other peoples stories. After hearing of his story and his personal journey I felt strongly that his story of being an ex-felon and trying to be an agent of change was the most compelling story. Three years later, the conversation about mass incarceration, police brutality and racism within the US justice system is happening in an unprecedented way in communities across the country, and we feel that The Throwaways can be a part of the dialogue." -- Bhawin Suchak

Current Status:


For more information and to support this project:

Indiegogo Page
Film Website

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