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"Day Out of Days"

Tweetable Logline: 

Day Out of Days is about a once well known actress who struggles to maintain her sanity & dignity in the obstacle course known as Hollywood.

Elevator Pitch:

An actress just about to turn 40 wakes up to find she's not as valuable to her business as she once was. She struggles to find her place, while deciding if that's the place she wants to be. It's a mirrored situation to what women go through. As we age, we gain experience, knowledge and understanding while fighting to keep our youth. Instead of focusing on this shift where, yes, we lose the power of our youth, women should be empowered by gaining a perspective that carries us through the second half of our lives.

Production Team:

Zoe Cassavetes writer/director (Broken English)
Alexia Landeau lead actress (2 Days in New York)
Gina Kwon (Camp XRay, Miranda July's films) Producer
Kate Roughan (Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives) Producer
Denise Milford DP

About the Production:

"There needs to be more realistic films about women and their struggles so women have more films they can relate to and we can celebrate women for their whole being, not just a stereotype." -- Zoe Cassevetes

Current Status:


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