An image from Ryan Balas's "NSFW." [Image courtesy of filmmakers.]
An image from Ryan Balas's "NSFW." [Image courtesy of filmmakers.]

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"Not Safe for Work"

Tweetable Logline:

A kinky comedy about furries, office politics...and a love affair with a copy machine.

Elevator Pitch: Alice likes to dress up as a pink and white Panda named Pink. After a date with her charming, neurotic co-worker, Thomas, Alice begins to explore integrating her hobby into her bedroom—and her first attempt at furry sex is the result. Due to a strict "No Dating Co-workers" company policy, Alice and Thomas are forced to keep their burgeoning relationship secret. When the company accountant informs the boss of a company budget shortfall, he takes his frustrations out on the employees—he takes incriminating video of the couple, to use as blackmail. They decide to let their freak flag fly.

Production Team:
Director: Ryan Balas ("Everyone Says I Look Just Like Her," "Louise and Her Lover")
Producers: Danny Costa, Thoma Kika

About the Production:

"With 'Not Safe For Work' we're aiming to make an honest, funny, sex-comedy with heart -- and we need to raise production funding in order to bring our lighthearted examination of relationships and kink to the screen. Our target audience with "Not Safe For Work" include: Fans of midnight genre movies, underground cinema, Russ-Meyer style B-movies, outrageous avant garde and sex comedies; All in all, though, we're looking to make a movie that anyone who has ever felt at odds with a part of their personality can identify with." -- Ryan Balas

Current Status:


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