"The Babymakers"
Millennium Entertainment "The Babymakers"

Do you see yourselves as part of a continuum of those kinds of comedic films?

Heffernan: I think so. There are lovable characters. There's some high brow mixed with some low brow humor. We make movies about guys hanging out together to have fun.

Chandrasekhar: I talked to Landis about our films and how the end the "Super Troopers" is like the end of "Animal House" and he said, "Oh I know. I've seen the movie. I know where you got it."

Was Landis a main source of inspiration? 

Chandrasekhar: Yeah. Absolutely. 

Heffernan: The movies that we watched when we were in the formative years or whatever were "Animal House" and "The Blues Brothers". 

Chandrasekhar: "Trading Places."

Heffernan: Those were all in our wheelhouse when we were discovering comedy. 

You shot "Babymakers" on 35mm film. Was that a choice made out of custom or habit, or an artistic preference? 

Chandrasekhar: It's custom and habit, and a belief that the image looks better than digital video. Specifically when you're photographing older actors, and frankly women. There is far too much detail in (digital) video. If your lead actress doesn't look good, you're blowing the whole show business element of this. We're here to make jokes and look good. 

Heffernan: It doesn't matter what you shoot me on!

"You look better on film than you do on digital video! That's a fact." -- Jay Chandrasekhar

Chandrasekhar: You look better on film than you do on digital video! That's a fact. The edges of the image aren't as rounded. In a 35mm frame everything is just softened a little bit. I mean, they'll figure it out in the next three years. There's a camera called the Alexa that's very impressive. Maybe we'll do that on the next one, but I don't know. While we were shooting this I heard Quentin (Tarantino) said, "If I have to shoot anything on digital video, I'll just stop making movies." I love that. 

Tarantino and Nolan might be the last men standing. 

Chandrasekhar: Yeah. I just like how it looks. 

What's next for you guys? Is there a "Super Troopers 2" in production?

Chandrasekhar: Yeah, if we can work this legal issue out with Fox on "Super Troopers," there will be a "Super Troopers 2."

Heffernan: The script is written. We've handed it into the studio. They've loved it. 

What's going on with Fox?

Chandrasekhar: It's really a financial problem.

Heffernan: There's an accounting thing on the first movie. Once we get passed that issue, which will happen very soon, we should be able to move forward.