Redford Clarifies Stand on Violence

Each year at Sundance, on the first Saturday of the festival,
press gather at Robert Redford's Sundance resort for his press conference on
the state of the festival. This year, one of the subjects raised at the
gathering was his recent Interview Magazine quote regarding violence at the
festival and in indie film in general. Responding to a question from one of
the assembled throng, Redford clarified his statements in the article. "That
was out of whack. What I was saying is that in each festival, one of things
I find interesting and exciting is to go to the festival and see what bubbles
up out of it. You can only do so much predicting up front, even when you're
seeing the films, because you're looking at films in quiet film screening
room without the energy of the audience and I don't think you can judge a
film until you have the benifit of the interaction of the audience. So as I
was sitting there I was like, 'So what's this festival about this year?', and
I just noticed one of those years, that independent films were increasing in
quality, but also, in certain cases they made token gestures towards
ingredients that they might feel were commercial in a sense, like violence."

Redford also expanded on comments made opening night regarding the lack of
Federal support for the arts. "It's depressing, because I really do believe
that any society, any country should sustain an environment for creative
expression, it's not here, that's the way it is, we have to deal with it."