"New York Doll" (2005 Dir: Greg Whitely)
We love this doc because it was such an unusual and interesting rock portrait of an unsung member of a seminal band that had never been told, let alone suspected. Arthur “Killer” Kane went from being in the New York Dolls to converting to Mormonism and punching a clock. The filmmaker catches him just as he gets one last taste of rock stardom (thanks to Morrissey) before he dies! Wow.

"Abba: The Movie" (1977 Dir: Lasse Hallström)
We’ll admit it. This is a weird one. Abba, at the height of their fame, gets followed on a concert tour of Australia by a crazed reporter on a quest to interview the elusive quartet. Although never managing to interview the band, the film well documents the madness of the fan frenzy and the crass commercial tie-ins connected with a phenomenon. A prototype of the mockumentary to come.

"Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer" (2007  Dirs: Robbie Cavolina, Ian McCrudden)
Anita O’Day has one of the most amazing, unusual and undiscovered stories in music history. This film posthumously brings the ups and downs of one of the world’s great jazz singer stylists to life through a brilliant tapestry of archival footage and interviews. Her frank love affair with heroin is riveting.