"Nico Icon" (1995 Dir: Susanne Ofteringer)
They had us at Nico. You know a music documentary is successful when you leave the theater and go straight to the record store to buy the artists’ oeuvre.  The film is like a time-lapse photography camera that chronicles the birth of an exquisite beauty as she blooms and then whithers and dissipates into the ether, all to the throbbing soundtrack of The Velvet Underground. What’s not to love?

"Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey" (1993 Dir: Steven M. Martin)
The filmmaking is as hypnotic as the exotic instrument and the mad genius inventor it depicts. A fascinating and perfectly executed survey of the history of the electronic instrument and its esoteric significance in modern music. It’s hard not to emerge from the film and not be a fan of Clara Rockmore, the world’s most accomplished Thereminist.

"Nomi Song" (2004 Dir: Andrew Horn)
Another incredible rock story that had never been told but is that is outstanding in its drama, music, characters and ultimately its place in the history of modern art. Intimate interviews and colorful archival footage take us to the margins between high and low art.