Rome Film Fest

After numerous delays in voting to make it official, Marco Müller has been appointed as artistic director of the International Rome Film Festival. It's a significant move toward raising the profile of the festival.

This comes after Müller was not asked back to his role in the same position at the Venice Film Festival -- which clearly overshadows Rome as Italy's most renowned film festival -- earlier this year, which followed 8 years in that position. Previous to that, he had worked for both Rotterdam and Locarno.

Müller's appointment by the board of directors of the Cinema per Roma Foundation, chaired by President Paolo Ferrari and board members: Michele Lo Foco (The City of Rome), Salvatore Ronghi (Lazio Region), Massimo Ghini (Province of Rome), Andrea Mondello (Rome Chamber of Commerce) e Carlo Fuortes (Musica per Roma Fondation).

"I am really satisfied with this election of Marco Müller as artistic director of the International Rome Film Festival," said Paolo Ferrari in a statement. "I am sure that he is an extraordinary professional estimated both in Italy and abroad".

"I could not be happier," Müller himself said, "to be back in my city, Rome, after twenty-two years. I'm proud to work on an exciting project, to develop a Festival that wants to respond to different needs: film makers, exhibitors, and audience".