Thirty-nine projects have been selected to participate in CineMart, the co-production market taking place January 27 - 31, which coincides with the 37th International Film Festival Rotterdam. This year's 25th CineMart, which focuses on low and medium budget films, includes projects by Abbas Kiarostami, Sophie Fiennes, Cristi Puiu, Jafar Panahi and Alex van Warmerdam. "The aim for the selection of the 25th anniversary of CineMart was a more focused and selective line up of projects," commented CineMart manager Marit van den Elshout in a statement. "In order to give each project the exclusivity it deserves, we have brought down the number of projects to below 40 projects. Considering the fact that a record number of applications was received this year, this meant an even more difficult selection process."

The CineMart Selection 2008 (alphabetically by project title) :

"7 Minutes in Heaven," directed by Omri Givon, Transfax Film Productions, Israel
"22nd of May," directed by Koen Mortier, CCCP, Belgium
"Aurora" and "Home Sweet Home," directed by Cristi Puiu, Mandragora Movies, Romania
"Ausencias," directed by Milagros Mumenthaler, Ruda Cine / Bordu Films, Argentina / Switzerland
"The Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly," directed by Edwin, babibutafilm / Miles Films, Indonesia
"Callgirl," directed by Mikael Marcimain, Garagefilm AB, Sweden
"Chants pour Gracchus," directed by Pascale Breton, Aurora Films, France
"Copie Conforme," directed by Abbas Kiarostami, MK2 Productions, France / Iran
"Dobberen," "Vingerspel," "Zandman," directed by Cindy Jansen, SeriousFilm, Netherlands
"Errors of the Human Body," directed by Eron Sheean, ROH Film Gmbh / Axolotl Films, Germany / Australia
"For Love With Best Intentions," directed by Adrian Sitaru, Movie Partners in Motion FILM, HiFilm / 4Proof Film, France / Romania
"France," directed by David Dusa, Sciapode, France
"Francine," directed by Brian Cassidy, Melanie Shatzky, Pigeon Projects, Canada / USA
"Friccion," directed by Michel Lipkes, Mantarraya Producciones, Mexico
"Human Race," directed by Jorien van Nes, Submarine BV / KEYMAN Film, Netherlands
"Iceman," directed by Diao Yinan, Ho-Hi Pictures, China
"Im Alter von Ellen," directed by Pia Marais, Pandora Film Produktion, Germany
"In What City Does It Live?," directed by Liew Seng Tat, Da Huang Pictures Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
"Le Jour des enfants," directed by Stephane Vuillet, La Parti Production, Belgium
"De Laatste dagen van Emma Blank," directed by Alex van Warmerdam, Graniet Film / La Parti Production, Netherlands / Belgium
"Land...the Foggy Sea of Subic," directed by Gyeong-Tae Roh, Teddy Bear Films co., South Korea / Cambodia
"The Loneliest Planet," directed by Julia Loktev, FaceFilm, USA
"Love is Not for Sale," directed by Alexander Bashirov, Deboshirfilm / Cinema Nouveau / Amarton Filmide, Estland / Russia
"Man in Tears," directed by Fran Torres, Indio Films, Spain
"Medianeras," directed by Gustavo Taretto, Rizoma Films / Zarlek Producciones SA / Pandora Filmproduktion, Argentina, Germany
"Milo," directed by Berend Boorsma, Roel Boorsma, Fu Works, Netherlands
"Offside," directed by Igor Sterk, A.A.C. Productions, Slovenia
"Las Oscuras primaveras," directed by Ernesto Contreras, Agencia SHA, Mexico
"Le Pere de mes enfants," directed by Mia Hansen-Love, Les Films Pelleas, France
"The Pervert's Guide to Ideology," directed by Sophie Fiennes, P Guide Ltd / Kasander (KTV BV), United Kingdom / Netherlands
"Poem 1-4," directed by Angela Schanelec, Nachmittagfilm Angela Schanelec, Germany
"Return," directed by Jafar Panahi, Jafar Panahi Productions, Iran
"Return," directed by Liza Johnson, 2.1 Films, USA
"Rhapsody," directed by Gillies MacKinnon, Grand Pictures, Ireland
"Room of Dreams," directed by Sono Sion, PaxEterna Ltd. / atRandom Inc., Japan
"Les Steppes," directed by Vanja d'Alcantara, Need Productions / Lumiere, Belgium
"Upperdog," directed by Sara Johnsen, Friland AS, Norway
"Venice," directed by Miro Bilbrough, Dragonet Films / Firesign Productions, Australia / New Zealand

"The Commandments," Various directors, South Africa:
"Blood Down Claim Street," directed by Norman Maake, produced by David Max Brown
"Joseph," directed by Gilli Apter, produced by Dan Jawitz
"Gazelle 911," directed by Jean Meeren, Zinaid Meeran, produced by Dan Jawitz
"Marula Tree," directed by Noziziwe Ginindza, produced by TOM Pictures
"Hidden Garden," directed by Tristan Holmes, produced by TOM Pictures
"Belly Dancing and the Art of Catching Stars on Water," directed by Akiedah Mohammed, produced by David Max Brown
"Gees," directed by Teddy Mattera, produced by Bridget Pickering
"Lucky Lady," directed by Niki Newman, produced by Bridget Pickering
"Road to Kambula," directed by Busi Ntintili, Khalo Matabane, produced by Cherglo Productions
"The Other Son," directedby Matthew Brown, produced by Cherglo Productions