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Given that this is a film about hunters, another moral quandary that's presented is the killing of animals versus the killing of humans, and how one is justifiable and the other is not. The lines are blurred further by the idea of flesh, and meat, that's brought up. What are your thoughts on that?

Well, yeah, we kill both here. "The Deer Hunter" deals with that idea a little bit too. I think it's an interesting thing to talk about. I mean, we could talk about it forever. But it definitely says something—I think there's definitely an anti-violent message in [the film]. I guess you could say it's anti-guns, in a way. And, oddly, "Seven Psychopaths "was anti-guns. People might not see that at first viewing, but I think some movies that deal with violence and weapons are giving an anti-gun message. The other message [in "A Single Shot”], I think, is just, "Be careful. Don't fuck up."[Laughs]

Well, where do you personally stand when it comes to gun legislation and things like that?

Oh, man, I think guns are fun to play with, but you gotta be very careful. I mean, I play with them in movies, but I think it's a very tricky thing. I think that I would lean toward the more liberal point of view when it comes to guns. We're a little gun-crazy here in this country, for sure.

Ever do any hunting?

No, I haven't. I've shot a lot of guns, in movies and outside of movies, at targets and stuff, but I haven't hunted an animal. I eat a lot of animals, so I guess that's the same thing. But David has done a little hunting, and I talked to a lot of hunters before I did the movie, even just about how to hold the gun properly and stuff like that. But, yeah, it's a strange thing to hunt an animal, isn't it? Have you ever hunted?

" I think that I would lean toward the more liberal point of view when it comes to guns. We're a little gun-crazy here in this country, for sure."


Yeah, it's an odd thing. But, then, we eat meat. I guess if you use the meat then I sort of feel like it's okay. But there so many instances of just killing animals and leaving them there. Like, we used to shoot the buffalo for marksmanship, and just leave it there. Which, you know, is a waste of good buffalo burgers.

In regard to David, who's fairly green on the film front, you're someone who works with a lot of either first-time or up-and-coming directors—Duncan Jones, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, and David Posamentier and Geoff Moore, who are co-directing their upcoming debut feature, "Better Living Through Chemistry," with you as the lead. Do you think you've built up a reputation as someone who's approachable for new filmmakers? With the roles they're giving you, it seems like you've formed a lot of symbiotic relationships.

Yeah, I think I probably do have that reputation, only out of necessity, because that's where I do find a lot of the good roles most of the time. I've never really gone for the money. Sometimes it's part of the equation—everybody's got to make a living—but it's never been the whole equation for me. So, yeah, I will hold out for a good role, and I have turned down a lot of money before by doing that. And I don't necessarily think it matters whether it's a studio venue or a small venue. But I do think you gotta be willing to get a little scared, be uncomfortable. Sometimes that can be good for the work. And sometimes it works out, like with David Rosenthal, and Duncan, and Nat and Jim, but sometimes it winds up being a movie that nobody sees. So you're taking a chance. But you're always taking a chance.

In terms of your movies getting seen, "A Single Shot" is one of many smaller, arthouse films that have been using multimedia platforms like VOD to gain exposure. Are you digging this approach to promoting and disseminating some of your less mainstream work?

Yeah, I think we have to find a way, you know? It's all changed so much. So I think it's okay to do it that way. I would hate to just do it on TV or VOD, though—I would always want to have something in the theater. Because I believe in going to a dark movie theater. I think that's important. But this method seems to be working, and it's a good way to market some of these films. By the way, "A Single Shot" was shot on real film, which I think is important to mention, since film is kind of a dying medium.

Do you go to the movie theater a lot yourself?

I do. I'll go see just about anything. I just like to go, and have some popcorn. I think that whole experience is pretty great. Like you're in a church or something.