Casey Affleck, Robert Duvall and Scott Cooper
Starpix Casey Affleck, Robert Duvall and Scott Cooper

"Out of the Furnace," Scott Cooper's follow-up to his debut "Crazy Heart," is an intense film. The same could be said for how the general public perceives its lead Christian Bale, following the infamous audio leak of the Oscar-winner going ballistic on his "Terminator Salvation" director of photography during the making of the 2009 film.

Cooper was on hand at a Manhattan luncheon yesterday in his film's honor, alongside good friend Robert Duvall and Bale's on-screen little brother in the film Casey Affleck, to set the record straight about the actor.

"That on-set audio for the record should never have been released," Cooper said when asked by Indiewire about his actor's temperament. "And the person who released it is a coward."

"Christian Bale is one of my closest and best friends now," he added. "He's one of the best actors in the world. He's light, he's funny, he's a beautiful father, he's a wonderful husband and he's a great friend. If people have a perception of Christian based on that incident, then it's a false perception."

Relativity Media opens "Out of the Furnace" December 6th. Watch the trailer below: