2012 winners of the Louisiana Film Prize
2012 winners of the Louisiana Film Prize

Twenty short films have been announced as finalists for the Louisiana Film Prize, it was announced earlier today. All of the shorts will screen at The Louisiana Film Prize Festival Weekend, which runs from October 4 through 6 in Shreveport, LA. From there, they will compete for the grand prize of $50,000.

Now in its sophomore year, the Louisiana Film Prize is dedicated to showcasing the best in short narrative film as well as supporting the film community in Louisiana. Filmmakers are invited to shoot a short in the Shreveport-Bossier area (the only stipulation of the contest) and then submit it by the deadline. From there, all twenty films will compete for the cash prize, to be decided upon by a panel of celebrities and film experts as well as the festival audience.

This year the prizes have gotten bigger and better, as the top five films will receive distribution through Shorts International on iTunes and the chance to screen at other short festivals throughout the country, with each of the filmmakers getting $15,000 in filmmaking grants.

You can read about all twenty of the finalists below. For more information about the prize and the event, click here.

Title: “5ive Courses”

Genre: Comedy

Director: Christopher Raines

From: Cordova, TN

Synopsis: “5ive Courses” is a short film about Ross and Beth going on their 2 year anniversary date. Beth winds up breaking up with Ross at the very beginning of dinner, and Ross winds up going through all 5 stages of grief, one at every course of their 5 course dinner.

Title: “Cabbie”

Genre: Thriller

Director: Brian C Miller Richard

From: New Orleans, LA

Synopsis: An aspiring writer who has become stuck behind the wheel of a cab picks up a fare that changes her life forever.

Title: “Clowns & Robbers”

Genre: Comedy

Director: Evan Falbaum

From: Shreveport, LA

Synopsis: Marvin hates his job as a birthday clown until a group of incompetent robbers recruit him for their next heist.

Title: “Curators, The”

Genre: Drama

Director: Jeffrey H. Hunter

From: Plano, TX

Synopsis: Since a sports related injury, ex high school baseball standout, Jeremy Sims' life has spiraled out of control. Now overcome by his vices, he can't imagine things getting worse, until he gets kidnapped by three masked abductors causing things to take a drastic life-threatening change for the worse.

Title: “El Gato”

Genre: Comedy

Director: Chris Ganucheau

From: Covington, LA

Synopsis: A man is living a ho-hum life with his girlfriend when he gets a cat and things begin to look up. The girlfriend’s jealousy is sure to rage. What will happen in this cross-species love triangle?

Title: “The Elysian Equation”

Genre: Scifi

Director: Eric White

From: Conway, AK

Synopsis: “The Elysian Equation” is a story about an obsessed scientist working to get a mysterious machine to activate. He refuses to listen to reason from his former mentor and must choose his own fate.

Title: “The Hummingbird”

Genre: Drama

Director: Dorothy Kristin Hannah

From: Shreveport, LA

Synopsis: “The Hummingbird” is a short film that describes the feelings, after one says, “I Promise”, but becomes a victim to sleeping in the bed that one has made, no matter how miserable it gets.

Title: “Last Call”

Genre: Found Footage

Director: Stephen Kinigopoulos

From: New Orleans, LA

Synopsis: A documentary film crew follows the day-to-day life of an elderly couple living in the world, post zombie apocalypse.

Title: “Lineman”

Genre: Drama

Director: Benjamin Weiss

From: Los Angeles, CA

Synopsis: “Lineman” is the story of the men and women who keep the power on. We follow Gage through the eyes of his girlfriend, Kira, as he discovers if he has what it takes to become a lineman, and ultimately, a man.

Title: “Necrophilia: A Love Story”

Genre: Romance

Director: Michael Millichamp

From: Dallas, TX

Synopsis: A heartbroken man digs up his deceased ex-lover, expecting to have one last moment with her, which turns into something much more.

Title: “Patience”

Genre: Drama

Director: Lucas Ridley

From: Shreveport, LA

Synopsis: A cancer patient navigates the last two days before his pet scan results reveal if the chemotherapy treatment has worked.

Title: “Red River Ode”

Genre: Drama

Director: Corey Hammett, J. Colby Doler

From: Grantville, GA

Synopsis: Set in the summer of 1918, a lone prisoner escaped from the chain gang finds solitude in the forest away from his captors, using the wood as cover as long as he can until he realizes all is not as it seems past the edge of the trees.

Title: “Ruby and the Dragon”

Genre: Thriller

Director: Phillip Jordan Brooks

From: Shreveport, LA

Synopsis: Ruby spends her days in a fairytale world of princesses and dragons. That world collides with reality when tragedy strikes and her father falls into a deep depression. Now it’s up to her to take care of him.

Title: “Running Girl”

Genre: Comedy

Director: Christopher Dickerson

From: Los Angeles, CA

Synopsis: “Running Girl” is a story about a guy who falls for every girl he sees. One day, he sees a beautiful girl run by his house. Now it is up to him to chase her down. A classic boy meets girl… but he hasn't met her yet.

Title: “Samson”

Genre: Comedy

Director: Chris Armand, Noah Scruggs, Thomas Woodruff

From: Shreveport, LA

Synopsis: Change is inevitable. Some except change with open arms and others try to fight change with a spiteful refute. When his life is unwillingly changing before his eyes, Samson cannot help but change. Now, forced to cope with overwhelming anxiety, Samson is now faced with a life changing change that will change absolutely everything that, deep down, he does not want to change.

Title: “Self Storage”

Genre: Comedy

Director: David Byars

From: Telluride, CO

Synopsis: Jason manages a self storage facility. His sisyphean existence translates into an inner environment of futility. Cleaning the facility's bathroom, he mixes cleaning agents to inadvertently create toxic fumes. Jason is left with a mountain of medical bills, takes up residence in a storage unit, and scrambles to reclaim his life.

Title: “Seventeen Summers”

Genre: Drama

Director: Jessy Williamson

From: Mandeville, LA

Synopsis: Austin is released from prison and sets out on a journey to see if his younger brother held up his end of the bargain.

Title: “Silo”

Genre: Drama

Director: Kyle Clements

From: Baton Rouge, LA

Synopsis: Silo is a story woven in both the past and present, about how just as easily two people can come together, they can be pulled apart. It's a story about holding on, letting go, and how the pressures of the world and our own mind can shape our lives.

Title: “The Sound of Trains”

Genre: Scifi

Director: Travis Champagne

From: Spring, TX

Synopsis: Jacob, a middle aged hermit, discovers an other-worldly goo that triggers an evening of disturbing events. These events lead to visitations by curious beings, causing Jacob to question his sanity and whether we really are alone in this universe.

Title: “Stall”

Genre: Comedy

Director: Johnathan Kudabeck

From: Shreveport, LA

Synopsis: John's life has sucked ever since he let his girlfriend, Alexis, move away. His stoner, best friend, Mike, isn't much help, he has his own issues to deal with. But with a simple twist of fate, John just might have a chance to get his life out of the toilet.