"Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer"
HBO "Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer"

The Sheffield Doc/Fest is celebrating its 20th year with a slew of nonstop screenings and events that will run from June 12-16. Instead of launching with one opening night film, the fest will launch with a whopping three, one of which will be screened in Europe's largest cave opening, Peak District Devil's Arse. The opening night selections include: "The Big Melt," "Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer" and "The Summit."  

"The Big Melt," making its world premiere, pays homage to a Century of Steel by mixing moving pictures alongside the music of Jarvis Cocker and his longtime collaborator Martin Wallace. "Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer" centers on the story of the three women, members of the feminist art collective Pussy Riot, who made national headlines after being arrested for their satirical performance in a Moscow cathedral, on charges of religious hatred. "The Summit" recounts in detail the deadliest day in modern mountain climbing history on K2; commonly referred to as Savage Mountain (it has an unprecedented fatality rate of one in four climbers).

Attendees of the fest can arrive a day earlier to attend TEDxSheffield on June 11. This event will include speakers from across the robotics, medicine, filmmaking, technology, activism, fashion, dance and culture sectors. 

"The Summit"
"The Summit"

The Doc/Fest will host its Crossover Interactive Summit on June 12 to highlight the individuals changing the world by moving across several platforms. The keynote Transformer panel will be hosted by Kat Cizek, a documentarian who has tracked her personal, political and technological transformations through the use of clips and behind the scenes stories. She has moved from defending human rights in Canada to joining the National Film Board of Canada and creating Emmy winning work such as "Highrise." The event will feature other panels as well as crossover projects which can be viewed in the Crossover lounge.

Thursday, June 13 will be their Cross-platform day with discussions on financing the cross-platform documentary and the future of social engagement strategy. Saturday will close out the round of interactive events with a panel on the alternative world of radio docs.

This years Doc/Fest Sessions and Masterclass program will include names like Ira Glass, from "This American Life," award-winning broadcaster Melvyn Bragg, BBC Two's controller Janice Hadlow and Sue Perkins among many others.

For more information about the scheduled events, full lineup or to buy tickets, please visit their website at: http://sheffdocfest.com