LCD Soundsystem

Yesterday we posted a piece on where to see LCD Soundsytem's Sundance Film Festival doc, "Shut Up and Play the Hits!' for an exclusive "one-night only" event screening across 163 theaters in North America. Today, Oscilloscope announced that the IFC Center (NYC) has just added a full week run starting on August 27th and this pattern may follow in additional cities. (Keep checking back here for updates.)

Reason to believe that this was the plan all along? Sure, but it's well played on the part of Oscilloscope; the one-night strategy created and proved market demand (not to mention press attention) that a standard issue one-week run could never replicate. (The film also will be available through iTunes and other VOD platforms at the end of August.)

What do you guys think about this move? And more importantly, to quote the great LCD Soundsytem, 'Were you there'?