Heavy Metal Parking Lot

This week we're featuring the 1986 documentary "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" because, well, it's about a bunch of heavy metal fans tailgating a Maryland concert venue. Not to mention the fact that the now cult film was reportedly a favorite on Nirvana's tour bus. That's Nirvana, arguably one of the greatest the rock bands. Ever. Oh, Sofia Coppola is also a fan.

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To go along with the short documentary film, which is almost 17 minutes long, SnagFilms has created a short quiz and drinking game that you can play with your close friends and/or worst enemies. Some of the challenges require taking a drink every time Metallica or Judas Priest is mentioned. Fun stuff, but be safe. 

Check out the quiz over here to see what type of metal fan you are. I got Graham. Also check out "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" and the play-along Drinking Game below.


Heavy Metal Parking Lot Drinking game

[Full Disclosure: SnagFilms is Indiewire's parent company.]