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Sony Pictures Classics has acquired worldwide rights to the art documentary "Tim's Vermeer," directed by Teller, the famed magician of Penn & Teller fame. The film follows Tim Jenison, a Texas based inventor, as he attempts to solve how 17th century Dutch master Johannes Vermeer managed to paint photo-realistically 150 years before the invention of photography.

The film features a score by composter Conrad Pope ("My Week With Marilyn") and cinematography by "A Scanner Darkly" DP Shane F. Kelly.

"My buddy, Tim Jenison, told me over supper he was going to try to paint a Vermeer," said producer Penn Jillette. "Tim is a genius, but I'm a skeptic. I wanted to see him do it. Teller has been the Penn & Teller de facto director since our beginnings so we made a movie of Tim's whole monomaniacal trip. Having Sony Pictures Classics as the first words on the screen means it's more than just a couple of Vegas magicians and an eccentric inventor in his garage -- now, it's a real film that will change the history of art."

The film will open in 2014.