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This isn't your usual daily dose of an indie film in progress, nor is it up for the weekly competition. Today's project is co-directed by and co-stars Indiewire Senior Editor Peter Knegt.  This isn't the first time an IW employee went to the crowd for dough; Indiewire Associate Editor Bryce J. Renninger produced the film "Hotline," and Thompson on Hollywood's Sophia Savage was featured in December 2011 for her film "Empyrean."

"Good Morning"

Tweetable Logline:

The age-old tale of a hungover 30 year old who wakes up to unknowingly find a 17 year old in his apartment (but not in his bed).
Elevator Pitch:
"Good Morning" is, basically, a comedic short film about sexual identity, age anxiety and that awkward moment when a 30 year old wakes up hungover in their apartment to unknowingly discover a 17 year old has slept over.

Production Team:

Directed by Stephen Dunn and Peter Knegt
Written by Peter Knegt and Oliver Skinner
Produced by Brad Horvath, Peter Knegt and Milda Yoo

About the Production:
"Good Morning" was largely inspired by the lives of its writers, Peter Knegt and Oliver Skinner (who also act in the film), who met at a film festival organized by Knegt in 2011. Two years later, they both ended up living in the same city, and became good friends despite a 10 year age difference (Knegt is 29, Skinner 19). That friendship made both well aware of the vast differences in their generations, particularly as gay men, and they decided to write a short screenplay to discuss these themes.
Current Status:
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