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This isn't your usual daily dose of an indie film in progress, nor is it up for the weekly competition. Today's project is produced by Filmmaker Toolkit Editor Bryce J. Renninger.  This isn't the first time an IW employee went to the crowd for dough; Thompson on Hollywood's Sophia Savage was featured in December 2011 for her film "Empyrean."


Tweetable Logline:

HOTLINE explores the intense connections made between strangers over phone hotlines in an age when people talk on the phone less and less. -
Elevator Pitch:

You may not think you have called a hotline, but likely you know someone who has. There is a huge demand for this anonymous connection be it for advice, counseling, entertainment or just to talk with another human about things people are too hesitant to discuss with even the closest of friends. 

We've traveled the country putting faces to the voices on the other end of the line, and discovered struggles of non-profits providing vital services to at-risk communities and the stigma of other, more controversial hotlines. As communication evolves there continues to be something special about the human voice.

Production Team:

Tony Shaff - Director/Producer
Lauren Belfer - Producer
Bryce Renninger - Producer

About the Production:
"After working briefly as a telephone psychic and later volunteering on a crisis hotline, I found that a lot of the same types of people called these services. As a filmmaker, I wanted to explore the connections between the various hotlines and find out wht people had to say about this very unique form of communication. While loneliness and isolation are often the initial reason for picking up the phone, I have been surprised at the raw emotion that these hotlines bring out, and it has inspired me to visualize these themes and discover the purpose and power of hotlines." -- Tony Shaff
Current Status:
In production, going into post-production.
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