Filly Brown

Youssef Delara and Michael D. Olmos' "Filly Brown" and David Boyd's "Home Run" each scored this weekend with semi-limited debuts. Both films ended up in the overall top 15 with screen counts under 500, grossing $1.3 million and $1.6 million, respectively.

"Brown" -- which Indomina bought back at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival before partnering with Pantelion (a division of Lionsgate) for the release -- debuted on 188 screens. Starring Gina Rodriguez and recently deceased Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera (who died in a plane crash this past December), the film managed an impressive $1,363,000 gross, averaging $7,250. Its the final film released (at least in part) by Indomina, which announced it will cease North American distribution earlier this year.

“It’s a strong opening that focused on the core Latino audience. The film will expand into more markets this week.” Rob Williams, Production Exec for Indomina Media, told Indiewire.

"Brown" received a promising "A-" score from Cinemascore, and over 20 locations had the film as their #1 grosser in their respective complex (outgrossing "Oblivion," which led the overall box office this weekend. Notably, 71% of the audience was female.

Samuel Goldwyn Films released "Home Run," a faith based baseball film about a star player’s battle with alcohol addiction. Coming on the heels of recent baseball-themed studio success story "42," the film hit 381 screens and took in some very strong grosses. "Run" made $1,623,032 for a $4,260 average -- placing it 12th on the overall box office chart.

The distributor said the film was "bolstered with a significant grassroots outreach effort" and that they are targeting a May 10th expansion to select markets. 

Another indie film opening on over 100 screens this weekend was Rob Zombie's "The Lords of Salem," which didn't fare quite as well as the aforementioned.  On 355 screens the film grossed $622,000 for a $1,752 average. That makes it the first of Zombie's five feature film to open to under $3 million and considering the horror genre is typically front-loaded, doesn't bode well for future weekends.

Meanwhile, Molly Bernstein's doc "Deceptive Practices" and Francois Ozon's French import "In The House" both opened on more traditional scales for a platform releases and performed quite nicely. The former debuted exclusively at New York's Film Forum to a $15,000 gross, while the latter managed $35,214 from 3 theaters in New York and Los Angeles. That made for a $11,738 average, in line with the $12,288 Ozon's last film -- "Potiche" -- averaged back in 2011.

Check out a full list of reporting grosses for debuts below and holdovers on the next page.

The Debuts:

1. Deceptive Practices - The Mentors and Mysteries of Ricky Jay
Distributor: Kino Lorber
Weeks in Release: 1
Gross:  $15,000
Theaters: 1
Average: $15,000
Cumulative Total:  $20,182

2. In The House
Distributor: Cohen Media Group
Weeks in Release: 1
Gross:  $35,214
Theaters: 3
Average: $11,738
Cumulative Total: $35,214

3. Ain't It For My Health: A Film About Levon Helm
Distributor: Kino Lorber
Weeks in Release: 1
Gross:  $10,000
Theaters: 1
Average: $10,000
Cumulative Total:  $10,000

4. Filly Brown
Distributor: Pantelion/Indomina
Weeks in Release: 1
Gross:  $1,363,000
Theaters: 188
Average: $7,250
Cumulative Total:  $1,363,000

5. Home Run
Distributor: Samuel Goldwun Film
Weeks in Release: 1
Gross:  $1,623,032
Theaters: 381
Average: $4,260
Cumulative Total: $1,623,032

6. The Lords of Salem
Distributor: Anchor Bay
Weeks in Release: 1
Gross:  $622,000
Theaters: 355
Average: $1,752
Cumulative Total: $622,000