Victor, Colorado
Colorado State Film Commission Victor, Colorado
What are some of the greatest financial perks of filming in your state? The new Colorado Film Incentive program offers a 20% cash rebate for production costs taking place in the state. The incentive program covers feature films, television pilots, television series (broadcast and cable), television commercials, music videos, industrials, documentaries, video game design and creation, and other forms of content creation. Qualified local expenditures include ATL and BTL salaries so long as income taxes are paid in Colorado.
Bonded productions are eligible to have 100% of their projected rebate escrowed up front with the bond company, which can be used to cash-flow the production.
An additional component of the new incentive is a loan guarantee program with the State guaranteeing up to 20% of a production’s total budget. This program is only available to bonded feature films. A production may be eligible for both the performance-based incentive and the loan guarantee programs.

What tax credits are available for productions in your state? A 20% cash rebate on qualified Colorado expenditures.

What are some of the locations in your state that filmmakers should know about? Colorado features over 50 14'ers (mountain peaks over 14,000 ft.), awe-inspiring natural beauty of the dramatic red rocks landscape, an expanding grape growing region, farm lands of the Eastern Plains, the tallest sand dunes in the nation, and white water rafting. Colorado is proud of its diverse architecture. Colorado locations include the world famous historic Mesa Verde cliff dwellings, modern skyscrapers, buildings designed by internationally known architects and small rural period towns. On the transportation front Colorado features historic railroads, modern light rail systems, superhighways, dirt roads, straight-aways, and switchbacks sweeping through majestic purple peaks.

Are there studios and soundstages that the state hosts that filmmakers should know about? Colorado has numerous privately owned post-production houses and soundstages available for rent.

What can you tell us about talented labor in your state? Do you have robust union representation? Colorado is a right-to-work state, with a robust, talented workforce.

Are there deals that you have with equipment, craft service or other suppliers to make these services more affordable? The Colorado Film Commission has relationships with numerous vendors, hotels, and communities across the state. Please inquire about assistance and we can accommodate on a case by case basis.

What are some of the recent productions that produced films in your state? "The Lone Ranger," "Away We Go," "Catch & Release," "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

Telluride, Colorado
Colorado State Film Commission Telluride, Colorado

What cities have their own film commissions in your state? Boulder, Colorado Springs, Estes Park, Telluride, Glenwood Springs/Aspen, Gunnison/Crested, Steamboat Springs, Southeastern Colorado/ Sante Fe Trail, Southern Colorado, Northwest Colorado, Four Corners area

How many productions shot in your state last year? 12

What should filmmakers do if they're interested in shooting a film in your state? Who should they contact if they have more questions? Contact the Colorado Office of Film, Television, and Media at 303-892-3840 or

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