Sawtooth Mountains
Idaho State Film Commission Sawtooth Mountains
What are some of the greatest financial perks of filming in your state? Naturally low costs without waiting for a check after wrapping production. Moderate hotel prices, few permits required, and hardworking crew working at Idaho rates.

What tax credits are available for productions in your state? Not all incentives are tax credits. A better question is, "What incentives do you have?" We have a rebate of sales tax on tangible personal property, plus no sales or lodging taxes when staying more than 30 days in an Idaho lodging property.

What are some of the locations in your state that filmmakers should know about? Immense variety, not just potatoes: high desert, mountains, farm towns, timber towns, mining towns, ski resorts, farms and ranches, lava flows, lakes of all sizes, urban and small town locations, early season snow, late season snow.

Are there studios and soundstages that the state hosts that filmmakers should know about? No

What can you tell us about talented labor in your state? Do you have robust union representation? Largely non-union crew with some IATSE, DGA, and Teamsters represented.

Are there deals that you have with equipment, craft service or other suppliers to make these services more affordable? I-WIN program offers 10% off by participating vendors.

What are some of the recent productions that produced films in your state? "An Unkindness of Ravens," "3 of a Kind," "Soda Springs," "Magic Valley."

What cities have their own film commissions in your state? None.

Craters of the Moon National Monument
Idaho State Film Commission Craters of the Moon National Monument

How many productions shot in your state last year? 2 features

What should filmmakers do if they're interested in shooting a film in your state? Who should they contact if they have more questions? Peg Owens, or 208 287-0787

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