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Montana State Film Commission
What are some of the greatest financial perks of filming in your state?

• NO SALES TAX, so your dollars go farther.
• NO MINIMUM SPEND REQUIRED to receive the incentive.
• NO CAP ON THE INCENTIVES, so if you have a big budget you won’t be penalized.
• ACCOMMODATIONS TAX EXEMPTION: Production companies staying at the same hotel/motel longer than 30 days are exempt from the 7 percent bed tax; but you’ll find our accommodations downright affordable even if you don’t stay 30 days.
• LICENSING EXEMPTIONS: Out-of-state commercial vehicles and equipment used exclusively in the production of motion pictures, television or commercials are exempt from licensing requirements for 180 consecutive days.

What tax credits are available for productions in your state? Face it; it takes more than great tax incentives to get your picture made. Of course we have a great tax incentive program with 14% back on Montana crew and talent SALARIES and 9% back on production-related expenditures made in Montana. Cash Tourism Grant combined with the tax credit to maximize your total percentage back up to 25%. But that’s just the beginning. The Montana Film Office has more incentives to help you save time, hassles and make a big difference to your bottom line.

What are some of the locations in your state that filmmakers should know about? Aside from the breathtaking Glacier National Park and Yellowstone, Montana boast one of only a dozen All-American scenic roads with the Beartooth Highway that has been called "the most beautiful drive in America," by late CBS correspondent Charles Kuralt.

Are there studios and soundstages that the state hosts that filmmakers should know about? There is a Insert sound stage in Bozeman, Mt.

What can you tell us about talented labor in your state? Do you have robust union representation? Montana is a Right to work state that has talented and qualified local crew that are experienced in working on productions. A list of Montana crew is available by clicking Crews and Services on this web site and is a section of the Montana Production Guide. If you'd like to see crew lists from recent projects filmed in Montana, just let us know.

Are there deals that you have with equipment, craft service or other suppliers to make these services more affordable? Montana has no sales tax making it 5-9% cheaper across the board to purchase materials and services for film production.

Montana commission_01
Montana State Film Commission
What are some of the recent productions that produced films in your state? "Hildago," "Winter In The Blood," "Nebraska," "Jimmy Picard"

What cities have their own film commissions in your state? None.

How many productions shot in your state last year? 66

What should filmmakers do if they're interested in shooting a film in your state? Who should they contact if they have more questions?

Montana Film Office
301 South Park Avenue
Helena, MT 59620

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