"The Puffy Chair"
"The Puffy Chair"

With the 2014 edition of the Sundance Film Festival launching on Thursday, it's the perfect time to highlight some past Sundance hits which are available to stream for free right now at SnagFilms (Indiewire's parent company). Sad you can't be there to brave the cold? Despair no longer.

Click the film's title to watch the movie at SnagFilms and browse SnagFilms' Sundance Film Festival Channel for more Sundance classics.

10 Past Sundance Hits (in order of the year they premiered):

Advise and Dissent (2012)

Prom Night in Mississippi (2009)

Nanking (2007)

In Between Days (2006)

The Puffy Chair (2005)

Brother to Brother (2004)

Primer (2004)

Super Size Me (2004)

L.I.E. (2001)

Blessing (1994)