Starting at 11:30am EST today, you can watch indie horror filmmaker Ti West talk about his latest, "The Sacrament," live from the Savannah Film Festival, below.

After dabbling in found-footage horror via a short "V/H/S" segment, "The Sacrament" marks "The Innkeepers" filmmaker's first full fledged film in the genre. Framed as a Vice documentary (that are so in style these days), the thriller centers on a group who venture out to an isolated community to investigate a possible suicide cult led by a charismatic leader. Understandably skeptical at first, the crew slowly come around to the group's utopian claims, only to soon discover that the leader is in fact a nutcase. Indie vets Joe Swanberg, Amy Seimetz and Kate Lyn Sheil all star.

Watch the panel below: