Student Films Awarded For Positive Portrayal Of Science

by indieWIRE

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation released a list of winners for the 1997
Alfred P. Sloan Film Awards. The awards carry a monetary prize and
recognize "work that explores science and technology themes with
originality and accuracy, and depicts scientists and engineers in a more
realistic and compelling fashion," the Foundation said in Variety. The
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation was established in 1934, and makes grants in
science, technology and national economic performance.


American Film Institute:

Jonathan Harris - "Alternating Currents"

Carlos Villa, Michelle Francis, Fay Lellios, Daniel Batlle, Seong-Hee Yoo,
Lisa Molomot - "Moon"

George Walczak - "Told To Die Like Soldiers"

Tisch School of the Arts, New York University:

John Travis Harrison - "Death Of A Broken Heart"

Matthew Mogk - "Fighting The Sky"

Edward Ortiz - "Whom The Gods Love"

Jeffrey Stanley - "Lords Of Light"

School of Theater, Film and Television, University of California, Los Angeles:

Jessica Ann Bortman - "The Fledglings"

Daniel Kaufman - "The Last Harvest"

Gerry Suenram - "The Geneticist"

Matthaeus Szumanski - "Jornada Del Muerto"

School of Cinema-Television, University of Southern California:

Sean Hood - "The Shy And The Naked"

James E. Taylor - "Uranium"