"Only God Forgives"
RADiUS-TWC "Only God Forgives"

Indiewire's epic summer movie preview continues today with part 3 of our 5-part series highlighting 50 indie films we think you should see this summer. Head back over to part 1 for a full introduction and the first batch of films and to part 2 and part 3 for the previous sets (all of which are, like below, listed in alphabetical order).

Mud (April 26)

Director: Jeff Nichols
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Reese Witherspoon
Distributor: Lionsgate

Criticwire Average: 38 critics gave it a B+ average.

Why is it a "Must See"? Jeff Nichols' first two features, "Shotgun Stories" and "Take Shelter," helped catapult Michael Shannon to fame with two ferocious performances, and temporarily filled the void of Malick-inspired southern gothic dramas left by David Gordon Green's foray into studio comedy. His third feature, "Mud," also packs the most star power by contributing to the so-called "Matthew McConaughy renaissance" and finding a rare substantial role for Reese Witherspoon alongside "The Tree of Life's" Tye Sheridan. More lighthearted than his previous efforts, "Mud" tells the story of two teenagers who try and help an outlaw reunite with his true love. Hopefully the more uplifting story and the presence of the stars can help "Mud" connect to audiences and give Nichols the mainstream recognition he deserves. [Mark E. Lukenbill]

Check out the film's trailer:

Only God Forgives (July 19)

Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas, Vithaya Pansringarm
Distributor: RADiUS-TWC

Criticwire Average: No grades yet, but check back after the film premieres in Cannes.

Why is it a "Must See"? Danish director Refn and omnipresent heartthrob Ryan Gosling's last team-up, "Drive," has since become one of the most hotly debated films of the last few years; a slick, stylized blood fest that has earned lovers and deriders in equal measure. Their second outing seems to be delivering more of the same, with its neon-dappled cinematography and hip Cliff Martinez score. But after two dazzling trailers, we can't really blame them. A revenge thriller set in the world of underground Thai boxing, we'd expect Gosling to be back in silent, brooding anti-hero mode, but the more footage we see the more it looks like Kristin Scott Thomas is going to steal the show as Gosling's bloodthirsty gangster mother. The film is set to debut at Cannes, but it'll hit theaters mid summer, so you won't have to wait too long to see if Refn's latest helping of pulp is as sweet as the last. [Mark E. Lukenbill]

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Passion (June 7)

Director: Brian DePalma
Cast:  Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace, Karoline Herfuth, Paul Anderson, Rainer Bock, Benjamin Sadler
Distributor: eONE

Criticwire Average: 36 critics gave it a C+ average

Why is it a "Must See"? The last decade hasn't been kind to Brian De Palma, with reactions to his last four films ("Redacted," "The Black Dahlia," "Femme Fatale," and "Mission To Mars") ranging from mixed to downright horrendous. But "Passion," De Palma's upcoming psychosexual thriller sees the director once again inhabiting the space of Hitchcock-tinged insanity that made him one of the most talked about and controversial directors of the 1970s and 80s, and in the process looks to be the closest chance the director has had at a comeback in quite some time. The film follows Noomi Rapace as Isabelle, a young businesswoman who plots revenge on her idea-stealing boss (Rachel McAdams), setting in motion a series of humiliation, violence, and sexuality. If there's one thing that's clear from the film's advertising, "Passion" will be a hell of a ride, and even if it doesn't return De Palma to the highs of his career, it promises at least to be a crazed throwback from one of the genre's greats. [Cameron Sinz]

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