“Anita” – CAA
Director: Freida Mock

“Linsanity” – CAA
Director: Evan Leong


“Halley” – Visit Films
Director: Sebastian Hofmann; Screenwriters: Sebastian Hofmann, Julio Chavezmontes

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“Blue Caprice” – Cinetic Media
Director: Alexandre Moors; Screenwriters: R.F.I. Porto, Alexandre Moors

“Computer Chess” – The Film Sales Company
Director and screenwriter: Andrew Bujalski

“Escape from Tomorrow” – Cinetic Media
Director and screenwriter: Randy Moore

“I Used to Be Darker”– Paradigm & George Rush
Director: Matthew Porterfield; Screenwriters: Amy Belk, Matthew Porterfield

“It Felt Like Love” – Visit Films
Director and screenwriter: Eliza Hittman

“Milkshake” – Cinetic Media
Director: David Andalman; Screenwriters: David Andalman, Mariko Munro

“Newlyweeds” – Circus Road Films
Director and screenwriter: Shaka King

“Pit Stop” – Preferred Content
Director: Yen Tan; Screenwriters: Yen Tan, David Lowery

“A Teacher” – ICM Partners
Director and screenwriter: Hannah Fidell

“This is Martin Bonner” – ICM Partners & Traction Media
Director and screenwriter: Chad Hartigan


“Ass Backwards” – UTA
Director: Chris Nelson; Screenwriters: June Diane Raphael, Casey Wilson

“Hell Baby” – CAA
Directors and screenwriters: Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon

“In Fear” – Studiocanal
Directed and story by: Jeremy Lovering

“kink” – Preferred Content
Director: Christina Voros

“Magic Magic”– UTA
Director and screenwriter: Sebastián Silva

“The Rambler” – XYZ Films
Director and screenwriter: Calvin Lee Reeder

Directors: Simon Barrett, Adam Wingard, Edúardo Sanchez, Gregg Hale, Timo Tjahjanto, Gareth Huw Evans, Jason Eisener; Screenwriters: Simon Barrett, Jamie Nash, Timo Tjahjanto & Gareth Huw Evans, John Davies

“Virtually Heroes” – Paradigm
Director: GJ Echternkamp; Screenwriter: Matt Yamashita

“We Are What We Are” – WME
Director: Jim Mickle; Screenwriters: Nick Damici, Jim Mickle


“A.C.O.D.” – WME
Director: Stuart Zicherman; Screenwriters: Ben Karlin, Stuart Zicherman

“Before Midnight” – Cinetic Media
Director: Richard Linklater; Screenwriters: Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke, Richard Linklater

“Big Sur” – WME
Director and screenwriter: Michael Polish

“Breathe In” – UTA
Director: Drake Doremus; Screenwriters: Drake Doremus, Ben York Jones

“Don Jon's Addiction” – WME & CAA
Director and screenwriter: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

“The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete” – CAA
Director: George Tillman Jr.; Screenwriter: Michael Starrbury

“jOBS” – CAA
Director: Joshua Michael Stern; Screenwriter: Matt Whiteley

“The Look of Love” – Studiocanal
Director: Michael Winterbottom, Screenwriter: Matt Greenhalgh

“Lovelace” – Millennium / Nu Image
Directors: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman; Screenwriter: Andy Bellin

“The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman” – CAA
Director: Fredrik Bond; Screenwriter: Matt Drake

“Prince Avalanche” – Cinetic Media
Director and screenwriter: David Gordon Green

“Sweetwater” – Preferred Content
Director: Logan Miller; Screenwriters: Logan and Noah Miller; Story by: Andrew McKenzie

“Two Mothers” – CAA
Director: Anne Fontaine; Screenwriter: Christopher Hampton

“Very Good Girls” – CAA
Director and screenwriter: Naomi Foner

“The Way, Way Back” – WME & CAA
Directors and screenwriters: Nat Faxon, Jim Rash


“99% - The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film” – Paradigm
Directors: Audrey Ewell, Aaron Aites, Lucian Read, Nina Kristic

“After Tiller” – Cinetic Media
Directors: Martha Shane, Lana Wilson

“Blackfish” – Submarine Entertainment
Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite

“Blood Brother” – WME & Preferred Content
Director: Steve Hoover

“Citizen Koch” – Submarine Entertainment
Directors: Carl Deal, Tia Lessin

“Cutie and the Boxer” – Submarine Entertainment
Director: Zachary Heinzerling

“Dirty Wars” – Submarine Entertainment
Director: Richard Rowley

“God Loves Uganda” – Submarine Entertainment
Director: Roger Ross Williams

“Inequality for All” – WME
Director: Jacob Kornbluth

“Narco Cultura” – CAA
Director: Shaul Schwarz

“Twenty Feet From Stardom” – Submarine Entertainment
Director: Morgan Neville


“Afternoon Delight” – UTA
Director and screenwriter: Jill Soloway

“Ain't Them Bodies Saints” – WME & Cassian Elwes
Director and screenwriter: David Lowery

“Austenland” – UTA
Director: Jerusha Hess; Screenwriters: Jerusha Hess, Shannon Hale

“C.O.G.”– UTA & Preferred Content
Director and screenwriter: Kyle Patrick Alvarez

“Concussion” – Paradigm
Director and screenwriter: Stacie Passon

“Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes” – Preferred Content
Director and screenwriter: Francesca Gregorini

“Fruitvale” – WME
Director and screenwriter: Ryan Coogler

“In a World...” – UTA
Director and screenwriter: Lake Bell

“Kill Your Darlings” – UTA& Cassian Elwes
Director: John Krokidas; Screenwriters: Austin Bunn, John Krokidas

“The Lifeguard” – CAA
Director and screenwriter: Liz W. Garcia

“May in the Summer” – Elle Driver
Director and screenwriter: Cherien Dabis

“Mother of George”– Paradigm
Director: Andrew Dosunmu, Screenwriter: Darci Picoult

“The Spectacular Now” – UTA
Director: James Ponsoldt; Screenwriters: Scott Neustadter, Michael H. Weber

“Touchy Feely”– UTA & Submarine Entertainment
Director and screenwriter: Lynn Shelton

“Toy's House” – Cinetic Media
Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts; Screenwriter: Chris Galletta


“Circles” – Memento Films
Director: Srdan Golubovic; Screenwriters: Srdjan Koljevic, Melina Pota Koljevic

“Crystal Fairy”– UTA
Director and screenwriter: Sebastián Silva

“The Future” – Visit Films
Director and screenwriter: Alicia Scherson

“Lasting” – Traction Media
Director and screenwriter: Jacek Borcuch

“Metro Manila” – ICM Partners
Director: Sean Ellis; Screenwriters: Sean Ellis, Frank E. Flowers


“Fallen City” – Cat & Docs
Director: Qi Zhao

“Fire in the Blood” – Film Transit
Director: Dylan Mohan Gray

“Google and the World Brain” – Film Transit
Director: Ben Lewis

“Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer”  – Cinetic Media
Directors: Mike Lerner, Maxim Pozdorovkin

“The Square”  – Cinetic Media
Director: Jehane Noujaim

“The Summit” – Submarine Entertainment
Director: Nick Ryan

“Who Is Dayani Cristal?”– Submarine Entertainment
Director: Marc Silver

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