"Will & Grace"
NBC "Will & Grace"

So, how did you two meet?

Mullally: Well, we were both cast as actors in this play called “The Berlin Circle.” The director didn’t want to cast either one of us. We didn’t know each other, but we found out later that he was resistant to casting us. We weren’t company members, we were the outsiders. So anyway, we had a table read on the first day. Nick was the only person that came up and said hello to me. It was like, 'That was nice.' We had a lot of scenes together. We started doing bits you know, just joking around. Then one day I was like, 'Is he kind of sexy? What is happening?' Then we made out.

Offerman: I didn’t have a TV at the time so I hadn’t seen “Will & Grace,” which had been on for two seasons.

Mullally: Which was great.

The fact that he hadn’t seen it or the show?

Mullally: Oh, it was such a great show, let me tell you (laughs). No, it was great because he hadn’t seen it!

Offerman: So the table work was my first experience of Megan’s work. I went in dubious because I thought, ‘Oh great, we have a sitcom actress as the lead of our play. I wish they had a thespian!’ Of course, Megan was so masterfully funny from the get-go, that I was like, ‘Let’s be friends please.’

Mullally: Plus I’d done a ton of theater. We have a very similar background. Nick is like 11-and-a-half years younger than me, but we have a similar upbringing in that we both went to theater college, although I transferred out and was an English major. I lived in Chicago in the early ‘80s and did a ton of theater, and then Nick lives there in the ‘90s and did a ton of theater. Then we both moved to LA and did a ton of television.

Have you since seen every episode of “Will & Grace,” Nick?

Mullally: He went to every taping!

Offerman: I was a fast convert.

Mullaly: From the third season to the end, I think there was one to two tapings you had to miss.

"Will & Grace"
NBC "Will & Grace"

Offerman: I watched a couple that summer and realized it was the greatest job. Getting to be on the floor as the spouse of Megan, I sort of had an all day pass. I could go wherever I wanted to. I took complete advantage of it. It was so amazing to watch them make that show masterfully.

Mullally: Woody Harrelson played a long-term love interest of Debra Messing’s; I think it was for a whole season. They almost cast Nick in that part. They almost had given to him. But at the eleventh hour Jim Burrows put in a call to Woody and he said he would do it.