Sundance Channel Set in LA; Availability in Other Cities Also Announced

by Eugene Hernandez

On the heels of the recent installation of a new leadership team,
Sundance Channel announced "corporate carriage" agreements with two
cable operators yesterday -- Time Warner Cable and Century
. According to Sundance Channel Sr. VP of Sales and
Affiliate Marketing Tom Christie, the pacts clear the way for the
channel to sign individual agreements with cable network affiliates in
individual markets. Once the channel is offered by an individual
carrier in a market it is available to customers for a monthly
subscription fee.

In a conversation with indieWIRE yesterday, Tom Christie confirmed that
Sundance Channel will be available to 200,000 Century subscribers in Los
Angeles this month. In January, the channel became available to 100,000
Century customers in Colorado Springs, CO, and last month it became
available to nearly 300,000 Time Warner customers in Houston, TX.
Additionally, as part of their recent deals, the channel is now
available in Fort Worth, TX, Athens, GA and Anchorage, AK.

Explaining the sales approach that the channel will use with potential
local carriers, Christie emphasized that representatives will be selling
"the concept of a channel that is delivering new independent film."
Christie summarized, "Our programming concept is to present the newest
independent films."

According to Christie, Sundance Channel is available to almost 12
million homes, with approximately 3.5 million subscribers.


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