Sundance Doc "Out of the Past" Set for PBS and Mulling Theatrical Deal Following NYC Screening

by Eugene Hernandez

"Out of the Past," a documentary which weaves the story of a young
lesbian's battle to create a "Gay-Straight Alliance" at her Salt Lake City
High School into the history of often overlooked gays and lesbians, has
signed a deal with PBS for airing on the television network this fall.
Producer/Director Jeff Dupre told indieWIRE yesterday that a theatrical
deal is also near.

A filmmaker couldn't ask for a better reception than the one Dupre
witnessed at a DGA screening in New York City earlier this week. The movie
was met with a full house and an extended ovation at the conclusion. Of
course, the reaction is hardly surprising given the film's recent Audience
Award win at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival.

"It's a gay film and it's a documentary," Dupre quipped, when asked about
the challenges he has faced in getting this far, "those things usually sort
of indicate that it is a niche market kind of thing." Yet, he explained,
the Sundance debut helped in getting the word out about the film.

Discussing the film and this week's screening as he prepared to leave for
Australia and the Sydney Film Festival, Dupre told indieWIRE that the
film's debut on PBS this fall will be used as a national kickoff for a
greater awareness campaign. According to Dupre, the mobilization to
establish a high school curriculum for Gay and Lesbian history will include
community premieres of the movie this fall. The overall plan will be
implemented by the Gay and Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the
group involved with the distribution of Debra Chasnoff's "It's Elementary."
It will coincide with October's "Gay and Lesbian History Month" activities
that have been established in a number of states.

Dupre told indieWIRE that he is cutting about ten minutes from the 65
minute film for its PBS debut, and added that he plans to take the film to
a number of film festivals this year.

[For more information about "Out of the Past" or GLSEN, call 212.727.0135.]

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