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Sundance Shorts Set

By Indiewire | Indiewire December 11, 1997 at 2:00AM

Sundance Shorts Set

Sundance Shorts Set

by Mark Rabinowitz and Eugene Hernandez

The 1998 Sundance Film Festival's short film lineup has been set. In
an interview with indieWIRE on Wednesday, Associate Director of Film
Festival Programming John Cooper spoke about the makeup of the list.
While the number of films selected (68 as of this writing, with
the list subject to grow) only rose slightly, the number of films
submitted, around 1,500, was up a couple of hundred from last year. Cooper
also commented on the large number of women in the shorts program, with
over one third of the films selected coming from women directors.

John Cooper explained that nearly half of the films will screen in one of the
shorts programs (while others will screen before features). Additionally, there
will be a midnight shorts program, made up of films similar in tone to the
fest's traditional midnight feature length offerings. Finally, Cooper said that
one section -- Shorts Program III -- will be a combination of documentary and
documentary-like films, a style not often found in shorts.

The lineup of short films that will be screened at the 1998 Sundance Film
Festival is:

"A Hollow Place" directed by Joseph Anaya

"About Laughter" directed by Andrew Linsk and Lana

"The Absolution of Anthony" directed by Dean Slotar

"Advice to Adventurous Girls" directed by Kim Wood

"Amarillo by Morning" directed by Spike Jonze

"Amy" directed by Susan Rivo

"Angel Passing" directed by David Langlitz

"Arrow Shot" directed by Mike Dolan

"Balloons, Streamers" directed by Josh Sternfeld

"Battle of the Sexes" directed by Eric Kripke

"Bleach" directed by Bill Platt

"Boy" directed by Glenn Fraser

"Breeze" directed by Barbara Sanon

"The Broken Jaw" directed by Chris Shepard

"Bwisk" directed by Corky Quakenbush

"The Bystander from Hell" directed by Matthew Harrison

"Catholic School" directed by Jona Frank

"Clops" directed by Corky Quakenbush

"Cosmo's Tale" directed by Adam Shankman

"Cuba 15" directed by Elizabeth Schub

"Don't Run, Johnny" directed by Tom E. Brown

"Eleven Eighty Two" directed by Kevin Jerome Everson,

"Elvis Dead at 58" directed by Giorgio Bonecchi Borgazzi

"English Only" directed by Juan A. Uribe

"Furious George" directed by Corky Quakenbush

"Gasman" directed by Lynne Ramsey

"God Says So" directed by Marjorie Kaye

"Have You Seen Patsy Wayne?" directed by Todd Corgan

"Here We Go Again", by Jason Richard

"Human Remains" directed by Jay Rosenbaltt

"I Remember" directed by Zev Avi Weide & David Cartier

"Inbound Mercy" directed by David Nasenoff & Glenn

"Keep in a Dry Place & Away From Children" directed by
Martin Davies

"Just One Time", by Lane Janger

"La Lecon" directed by Craig Marsden

"The Last Supper" directed by Jeremy Boxer

"Majorettes in Space" directed by David Fourier

"Melvyn Schmatzman Freudian Dentist" directed by David

"Monte Hellman: American Auteur" directed by George

"More to Life" directed by Paul Morgan

"Omar, The Short" directed by Jarl Olsen

"Oops" directed by Mike Miller

"Operation" directed by Jason Reitman

"Persona Non Grata" directed by Sara Gilbert

"Pete's Garden" directed by Greg Germann

"Phil Touches Flo" directed by David Birdsell

"Raw Images from the Optic Cross" directed by Karl

"Reinfather" directed by Corky Quakenbush

"The Rocking Horse Winner" directed by Michael Almereyda

"Sea Space" directed by William Farley

"Sleeping Beauties" directed by Jamie Babbit

"Snake Feed" directed by Debra Granik

"Snip" directed by Craig Sullivan

"SongBird" directed by Kyoung Hee Oh

"The Spitball Story" directed by Jean Bach

"Stage Fright" directed by Steve Box

"Still Revolutionaries" directed by Sienna McLean

"Switch Your Ride" directed by Corky Quakenbush

"Tea directed" by Barney Cokeliss

"That Strange Person" directed by Eileen O'Meara

"Titslana Booberini" directed by Robert Luketic

"Unexpected Guest" directed by Adam Druxman

"Up on the Roof" directed by Jacqueline Turnure

"Venceremos!" directed by Giovanni Ghidini-Pappalattera

"The Waiting Children" directed by Ethan Silverman

"Whacked!" directed by Rolf Gibbs

"What's the Deal" directed by Robert Mac

[The complete Sundance Film Festival lineups are available on the official
festive site at]

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