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We asked SXSW filmmakers from the Competition, Headliners, Spotlight, Visions and Midnighters sections to tell us a little bit about themselves (read their interviews here). We also included a question on crowdfunding (Did you do it for this film?  If so, how much of your budget did you raise through it?) and editing (What did you edit on?).

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We learned that while the world is still rebelling against Final Cut X, it looks like Final Cut 7 is still keeping the software alive.  The platform was easily the most popular editing software, with AVID the only other sincere answer in the bunch.  When asked, "What did you edit on?," "Lords of Salem" director Rob Zombie answered by saying, "A pressed-wood table with a black lacquered finish from IKEA."

A great many SXSW films also said they didn't raise money through crowdfunding.  Rob Zombie was again a smart ass and asked "Is that [crowdfunding] legal?," while "Good Ol' Freda" director Ryan White explained that the majority of his documentary was funded through Kickstarter and people donating their time to help him on the film. Here's a breakdown of the responses:

Editing Software


"Evil Dead"
"Getting Back to Abnormal"
"Plus One"

Final Cut Pro

"Before You Know It"
"Big Ass Spider!"
"Big Joy"
"The Bounceback"
"Cheap Thrills"
"Everyone's Going to Die"
"Fall and Winter"
"Go for Sisters"
"Good Ol' Freda"
"Grow Up, Tony Phillips!"
"Holy Ghost People"
"I am Divine"
"Improvement Club"
"Los Wild Ones"
"Loves Her Gun"
"The Network"
"The Other Shore"
"Our Nixon"
"The Rambler"
"Reality Show"
"The Short Game"
"Short Term 12"
"Swim Little Fish Swim"
"This Is Where We Live"
"These Birds Walk"
"Twelve O'Clock Boys"
"An Unreal Dream"
"We Always Lie to Strangers"
"White Reindeer"
"William and the Windmill"
"Xmas Without China"
"Zero Charisma"

A pressed-wood table with a black lacquered finish from IKEA

"Lords of Salem"

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