Crowdfunding -- in parentheses, percentage of budget raised through crowdfunding, if supplied, and comments from the filmmakers


"Big Joy" (2 campaigns, <10%)
"Continental" (25-50% with IndieGoGo)
"Fall and Winter" (10-25%)
"Good Ol' Freeda"("We made the entire film with that money up until now ($58k is how much we raised), which is pretty incredible and a testament to how many people worked on this film for free".; 50-75%)
"Grow Up, Tony Phillips!"
"Improvement Club" (25-50%, with other 2 USA Artist campaigns)
"Medora" (25-50%)
"euphonia" (~25%)
"Our Nixon" (10-25%)
"Tiny" (25-50%)
"Twelve O'Clock Boys" (2 campaigns for ~25%)
"White Reindeer"
"William and the Windmill" (25-50%)
"Xmas without China" (< 10%)


"Continental" (25-50% with Kickstarter)
"I am Divine" (25-50%)
"Zero Charisma"

USA Projects

"Before You Know It"
"Improvement Club" (two; 25-50%, with other Kickstarter campaign)
"Loves Her Gun" (~25%)

No (with funding source when provided)

"Big Ass Spider!"
"The Bounceback"
"Cheap Thrills"
"Everyone's Going to Die"
"Evil Dead"
"Getting Back to Abnormal"
"Go for Sisters"
"Lords of Salem" ("Is that legal? If so I will begin crowdfunding this movie immediately. Please leave your wallet at the front door in an envelope addressed to 'Mr. Zombie'")
"Los Wild Ones"
"Lunarcy!" (modest TV presales to Canada)
"The Network"
"The Other Shore"
"The Rambler"
"The Retrieval"
"The Short Game"
"Short Term 12"
"Snap" ("But if anyone wants to donate money to us, we'll accept!")
"This is Where We Live"
"These Birds Walk" (Sundance, Cinereach)
"We Always Lie to Strangers"