"Spring Breakers"
"Spring Breakers"

Rachel, were you the ring leader among the girls given your experience with Harmony?

RK: Well this movie is actually pretty tame compared to the last one I did with Harmony which is called "Trash Humpers," so I feel like I can actually show my family members this one. There are many relatives that don't know "Trash Humpers" exists.  So I definitely was comfortable in the role and I don't feel like I really needed to be a ring leader for the girls. Maybe I was a connector between all of us. We were a close family all of us, Harmony and the four girls.

Was shooting amongst real spring breakers as chaotic as it sounds?

SG: Every day was new and challenging. Harmony would throw us in real situations and film us. So we actually never knew what we were filming when we were going to set so that was a little crazy. But every day was new and challenging and really fun. It may seem controlled and it was a little bit controlled, but at the same time we were with real spring breakers so that was... we definitely didn't control them so it was amazing to see what real spring break is. 

Was it eye opening?

RK: Shocking.

AB: Yea, shocking.

SG: We'd never been on spring break, none of us. None of the girls, so that was our first time experiencing it.

AB: And you see videos on MTV and YouTube but you never know if that;s really how it is. It was insane and I think it just added so much to the movie because all of our reactions are real. We couldn't believe what was happening. It was just so cool.

Spring Breakers

Did it make you ever want your own spring break?

AB: No.

SG: No, I'm definitely happy with experiencing it through this movie.

How did you all three bond on set? The four of you (including Vanessa) have a great dynamic.

RK: Listening to music.

SG: We shared a trailer so we all got ready together, hang, out each lunch. We definitely were dancing the whole time. Once you're on set experiencing the certain scenes that you're experiencing you kind of just keep it up. You keep the music going and having a good time.  Harmony would film us sometimes when we were just dancing together in the trailer and he'd just kind of throw in those moments too. I had a great time with the girls and it was part of our rehearsal to become friends so I got really lucky.

Spring Breakers

The film reaches this whole new level when James Franco's character is introduced. How did the vibe on set change when he came into the fray?

AB: Drastically.

SG: The first scene he ever did was the one where he's talking to us at the park and we were all sitting there staring at him in amazement and I think that's what we were genuinely all feeling. He just came on set and owned his character.

AB: He improvised that whole thing, there was like monologues that he was doing and I think we were all kind of like in awe of him and I think it kind of like pushed us and inspired us. It just brought the movie to a whole different level because he just created such an amazing character. I mean from the looks of him, you can't really recognize him but the way he talked, the way he walked, he was just a completely different guy and he stayed in character the whole time. He was in method.

RK: We didn't have any rehearsal with him beforehand. We had a glimpse of what he looked like maybe the day before, but as far as his voice and his character, we had no idea what to expect so we really in that scene got to react naturally to him. It was really cool.